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Russian artists exhibition in London is a stunning success – Ghhauto: Russian top stories

19.03.2016 11:12

Tretyakov Gallery presented works of outstanding Russian artists: Nicholas Gay, Ivan Kramskoy, Vasily Perov, Ilya Repin, Valentin Serov and Mikhail Vrubel.

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the first large-scale exhibition of paintings Tretyakov gallery opened on Thursday at London’s National portrait gallery in honor of the 160-year anniversary, which coincidentally this year marks both the museum, according to RIA Novosti.

A month later, the largest collection of paintings by the National portrait gallery, Russians see the Tretyakov gallery

The exhibition “Russia and art:. the era of Tolstoy and Tchaikovsky “gallery in London, which was prepared by both the museum three years, the British will be able to see from 17 March to 26 June. The exhibition “From Elizabeth to Victoria,” which will include portraits of famous British figures from the collection of the National Portrait Gallery, will be held at the Tretyakov Gallery from 21 April to 24 July.

Many of the paintings both collections never exported abroad.

collections Exchanges are not only against the background of anniversaries museums, but also in the cross-Years of literature and language in Russia and the UK.

Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets eve called the exchange between museums event “brilliant in terms of artistic and stunning from a historical perspective”.

“The Age of Tolstoy and Tchaikovsky’s”

Tretyakov gave Britain 26 most valuable paintings of the “golden age” of Russian portrait, covering the period from the late 1860s until the outbreak of world war. The display works by outstanding Russian artists of the era: Nikolai Ge, Ivan Kramskoy, Vasily Perov, Ilya Repin, Valentin Serov and Mikhail Vrubel

The names of prominent figures of Russian culture and art whose. portraits are on display, familiar to many Britons: Anton Chekhov, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Peter Tchaikovsky, Tolstoy, Ivan Turgenev, Anna Akhmatova, Modest Mussorgsky, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

Most of the portraits were personally purchased by philanthropist Pavel Tretyakov, whose portrait by Repin opens the exhibition.

“This is a very important cultural exchange, which we are very proud. This ambitious exhibition ever held Russian portraits none of the British museum “- said RIA Novosti director of the National portrait gallery, Nicholas Cullinan

According to him, 22 did not come to the UK from 26 portraits exposition of the Tretyakov gallery.. “This is a historic event,” – he said,

. “The works – the pride of the Tretyakov Gallery, they are part of the permanent exhibition, therefore, rarely leave the walls of the museum,” – noted the director of the Tretyakov Gallery . Zelfira Tregulova

The exhibition curator Dr. Rosalind Blakeslee Cambridge University said that the exhibition – not just for the elite, well versed in Russian culture, “but also to the general public.” “And I think that maybe it draw, because the quality of these portraits so high,” – she said she RIA Novosti

In addition, the shared Blakeslee, portraits of “specially arranged so. low, so that visitors can see them “face to face”.

“From Elizabeth to Victoria”

“Just a month later, Moscow will host reciprocal exhibition of the National portrait gallery in London, which will bring the exhibition” From Elizabeth to Victoria. ” I think it will also be impressive for the development of our relations “, – said previously Olga Golodets

Guests Tretyakov can see portraits of Charles Dickens, Isaac Newton, Queen Elizabeth I, Oliver. Cromwell, Charles Darwin, George Byron, as well as one of the founders of the National portrait gallery, Thomas Carlyle and the very first picture of his collection -. Chandos portrait of William Shakespeare

Shakespeare, from the date of death is this year marks 400 years, is a key figure of the cross, the Russian language and literature in Russia and the UK.

Cultural diplomacy

it is noteworthy that the cultural ties between Russia and the UK are becoming more intense in the background virtually absent a political dialogue.

“Our cultural relations are developing on the rise” -. said on the eve of Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets opens at London’s National portrait gallery exhibition of paintings from the Tretyakov gallery she called “one of the highlights of the”

“This is a unique exhibition and brilliant. event in terms of art and an exciting from a historical perspective “, – commented Golodets, who was this week in London

Vice Prime Minister reminded that this year are cross Years. literature and language. “This year, I think it will escalate our mutual relations”, – he stressed Golodets

One of these days in London ended with another large-scale exhibition -. The largest in the history of the Science Museum of London exhibition devoted to Soviet and Russian space program, which were brought to the museum exhibits, including the private Russian companies.

in addition, the Hermitage is discussing a number of projects with other British museums, including the National gallery. In the near future is expected to Hermitage will bring to London an album of drawings of the famous English landscape designer XVIII century Lancelot “Keypebiliti” Brown.


The exhibition is a resounding success from the English. “In my last visit to London, in late January, I was at the opening of the exhibition” Gardens “at the Royal Academy. I went into the first room, took it and said, all 400 thousand people are guaranteed. Yesterday, I went there again, I wanted to look at the show again, but turned and went away in a crowd watching the picture is impossible, “said the director of the Tretyakov Gallery Zelfira Tregulova.


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