Saturday, March 19, 2016

At the box office, “The Fall of London” with Gerard Butler – BBC

The British Prime Minister, died in mysterious circumstances. At his funeral attracts major world leaders – with the exception of the Russian chapter of the visit, which shrewdly refused. The key, of course, it is the arrival of US President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart), responsible for the security of which bears his friend and bodyguard, Mike Benning (Gerard Butler). So far, the Italian head of the walks on the roof of Westminster Abbey with youthful passion, Benning squeezes the chin, apprehensively – and for good reason. At the right moment, the police and the military draw their weapons and start to shoot the German kantslershu, crumbling bridges across the Thames, and Westminster Abbey, and all blows to hell. Responsibility takes on the Arab terrorist who survived two years ago after a point the American bombing

His goal -. To kill the president, and Asher task and Benning – survive on the streets of London and punish the villains .

«The Fall of London” – the second part of the blockbuster “Olympus Has Fallen” in which the characters confronted North Korean thugs who seized the White house. The first film set masterovity Antoine Fuqua ( “Training Day,” “Lefty”), but the sequel director chose a remake of “The Magnificent Seven” and continued entrusted tegerantsu Babak Najafi.

The role of the director in this case, however, a purely functional. The main thing – the writers remain, married couple Catherine Benedict and Creighton Rothenberger. Using clichés borrowed from the “Die Hard”, “Lethal Weapon” and other classic fighters, they continue to draw a fantasy picture perfect in their representation of America. It is still white president (and black vice president of Morgan Freeman, always ready to lend a shoulder), and the opinion of the White House (which in addition to Freeman sits, say, Jackie Earle Haley – Rorschach from “Guardians”) implicitly heeded and the UK intelligence, and the chief of Scotland yard, as to save them from the uncontrolled Arabs no one else. Of course, look at the story saying on the actual agenda is not: an Arab threat to American cinema – it is almost eternal theme, since the time of the Gulf War

. on the other hand, avoiding direct opportunism, “London has Fallen” could be the most that neither is a patriotic blockbuster.

The highest emotional intensity action achieves during fights and shootings, and the hero Gerard Butler on close-up delivers a short but furious tirade about the national unity of Americans and their willingness to “stand here for a thousand years.” Played this episode is great, and some particularly impressionable viewers may be tempted to get up from the chair and sing the American national anthem, pressing his hand to his heart. Unless, of course, they do not confuse the fact that Butler says it all, standing on land owned by the UK. However, much more phantom imperial ambitions (whom today they surprised?) Affects the audacity with which all this is embodied on the screen

«The Fall of London.” – Awkward, stupid and pretty crudely shot film, in which the operator forgets that besides the heroic jaw from artists Eckhart and Butler have some other properties.

at the same time, despite all the flaws, the film, like its heroes , rushing at full speed, not paying attention to obstacles and other sharp edges. If we talk about some artistic value, the thriller about the president with a gun, perhaps, a unique American genre – in any other country (except perhaps North Korea) is nothing like either removed or released in the world rolled anybody is simply not would be enough spirit.


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