Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Harrison Ford: I would not be removed without Spielberg – BBC Russian

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Image caption Harrison Ford pleased: on the script of the new movie Indiana Jones runs Steven Spielberg

Harrison Ford admitted that he did not want to star in the next film, Indiana Jones, if the director is not Steven Spielberg.

American actor to star in the fifth film of the series, which is due out in rent in 2019.

“I have always believed that it is possible to make another movie, but I did not want to do it without Stephen, -.. I said, Harrison Ford in an interview with BBC BBC -. And I did not want to do it without a really good script “

Fortunately Ford, both of his condition seems to be met

<.. p> “Stephen is currently working on the script, which I think we will meet,” – said Ford

Spielberg has directed four previous series about Indiana Jones, producer of was the creator of “Star wars” George Lucas <.. /> p>

Harrison Ford first appeared in the series in the picture. “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the lost ark”, released in rent in 1981.

After that, he starred in the following three series of films, latest was “Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull” (2008.)

Ford gave an interview with BBC BBC ahead of the release on DVD of the film. “Star wars: The awakening forces,” in which the actor once again played Han Solo .

Image copyright AP
Image caption According to Ford, the emotional connection with his characters, he does not feel

on the question of return if the victim in this series of Han Solo in what as-or in subsequent films stellar saga, Ford replied: “Anything is possible in space”

“I wanted Han Solo sacrificed himself for the sake of the other characters of the story, to give it some weight,” – he said.

Quiz: Are you well know, “Star wars”

“I was very pleased to be working with the other characters, to work on the script, which I was confident with the actors work? with whom – it is a dream, with the director, who ran a very confident and generous hand, and it was all great fun “-. said Ford

However, according to him, the emotional connection he feels with their characters .

“I hope that the audience understands the emotions of my characters. Hope privnoshu something that she finds out – he says. – I want the audience sympathized character. Not that felt as if it knows, but that involved watched what was going on with him Star Wars “

The film is.” Awakening force, “became the most popular painting in 2015 in the UK, its box office amounted to 94.06 million pounds.


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