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Five buildings, which brought fame to Zaha Hadid – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, March 31 -. RIA Novosti The British architect, “Queen destructiveness” Zaha Hadid has died in Miami on March 31. While working on their projects, it is not easy to create the building and enter them into the landscape, filling their creations and multi-meanings. RIA Novosti offers to get acquainted with the five most important projects Hadid.

The bridge in Zaragoza

To create this project, Hadid was inspired by the theme of overcoming obstacles and conquering nature. It is for this bridge-pavilion visitors fell into the territory of “Expo-2008″ in the Spanish Zaragoza. Bends structures “do not conflict” with the river, but on the contrary – it is repeated undulations

The bridge is made entirely of steel, except for the base.. The total construction length – 530 meters. The design consists of four modules, which themselves support in the joints, which made it possible to create a visually lightweight load-bearing elements of the bridge.

The pavilion bridge “Water, a scarce resource”, presented by the architect Zaha Hadid at the international exhibition exhibition Expo Zaragoza in Spain

Polytechnic University in Hong Kong

This facility is already being called an architectural landmark, which combines images of the rapid development of young people and high level of education of the new generation.

The building is usually described by the terms “seamless architecture “, where flowing lines define the dynamics of not only architecture, but also the landscape around it, which is not just an ornament, and” element “of the facade.

The innovative design of the building Polytechnic University of Hong Kong (China) Hong Kong University’s Innovation Tower. Architect Zaha Hadid

Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center in Baku

It was built in 2013, the building has already become one of the most recognizable symbols of the Azerbaijani capital. The architect created a space that fulfills several, often opposed to each other, the functions -. Auditorium, museum, concert hall, exhibition space and administrative offices

For this building Zaha Hadid won the prestigious “Design of the Year” established by design museum in London, also won in the category “Architecture”. She became the first female architect, which received the Grand Prix at the competition for the entire 17-year history of its existence.

Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan. Architect Zaha Hadid

Art Museum of the University of Michigan

The museum was built in 2012. This Hadid building embodies the idea of ​​multi-directional movement. Sharp angles and deep folds of glass and metal, she managed to achieve an effect that resembles the rapid traffic. . While someone is building resembles tense muscles

This building Hadid said: “. Art and education – our biggest passion is why this place has a special meaning for us.” In her words, the design of the museum invites to dialogue the international cultural community.

© AP Photo / Carlos Osorio

The building of the museum Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum in Michigan, USA. Architect Zaha Hadid

The Opera House in Guangzhou

Hadid said that the inspiration to create the project of the building she drew images of the geology and topography. The main elements of which it took as a basis, there were river valleys – the compatibility of sharp lines and smooth shores of river bends of the web. Another element – a giant canyon that monumental breaking open not only the surface of the earth

These two ideas are embodied in the opera house building.. Smooth and shiny, almost reflecting the air bends the building, literally split “canyon” between the two construction space – the Bolshoi Theatre on 1804 seats and a small hall for 400 people

The building of the opera house in Guangzhou (Guangzhou opera House), China. Architect Zaha Hadid

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