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Son Sex Pistols manager burn memorabilia in honor of punk – BBC

Joseph Corre, son of the famous rock manager Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood designer, promised to burn it inherited inherited memorabilia epoch of formation of punk music. The action he will hold on November 26 this year -. To the 40th anniversary release of the single group Sex Pistols «Anarchy in the UK»

In the subject the destruction of the collection comes including various clothes mid-70s – it has , as the “bi-bi-si”, leather trousers, torn jeans and a T-shirt with the image of naked bodies.

The cost of these rarities is estimated at £ 5 million (approximately $ 7 million).

His action Corre explains protest against the declaration of 2016 “punk year” and also connecting the official institutions for the celebration.

«official blessing from the Queen to hold “the year of punk” – the worst that I have ever heard – Corre wrote in a statement. – Alternative and punk culture is transformed into the mainstream. And instead of being a movement for change, punk became fucking museum piece. »

40 years of punk

This is a series of concerts, film screenings, lectures and exhibitions that London is going to be noted The 40th anniversary of this musical direction. The date, of course, a rather conventional – punk as a phenomenon developed gradually, but in this case there is, rather, 40 years old group Sex Pistols, the manager of which was the father of Corre. However, in this case, the festivities were late by about two years, but in 1976, violent musicians seriously interested in the industry and all around.

Well, published November 26 1976- of a song about anarchy in the UK in general has become one of the main symbols of punk.

Sami activities within the punk. London began in January and will last until the end of the year. They will be held in the British Film Institute (BFI), the British Library, the Museum of London, the photo gallery. Carrying out this year supports the London City Hall, and participants received a grant of £ 99 thousand. From the National Lottery (traditionally directs a portion of funds for culture).

However, that Queen Elizabeth II blessed the carrying out of “the year punk “, it is known only from the words of the representative of Korra – he said that the royal administration is in close contact with Vivienne Westwood and endorses this action. However, Buckingham Palace officially does not confirm that the Queen is supporting anniversary, writes the Guardian.

Who is Corre

Corre, of course, is not so well known as his parents, but child, he wore clothes created by his mother, and the Sex Pistols thought was his favorite band. However, he was only nine years old when he «Anarchy in the UK», and eleven, when the group finally disbanded, its heritage, he had no relationship with her father has long been at odds, and all that is in your life, you can say, has made himself

A achieved a lot

In 1994, together with his wife Serena Rees opened a store Agent Provocateur..; in 2007, when the couple divorced, it was a whole network of a hundred stores in 13 countries, which they bought for £ 60 million.

In this Corre has not calmed down. He founded another independent boutique A Child of the Jago (named after the novel by Arthur Morrison), he began to cooperate with the cosmetics company Illamasqua as brand director, participated in the political life of the country, supporting the candidate of the Green Party. In general, he led a stormy life, but interesting. With the royal family who, incidentally, also once crossed: in 2007 he decided to make a knight of the Order of the British Empire, but were refused because of the actions of Prime Minister Tony Blair on Iraq

With his father Corre reconciled: shortly before his death McLaren (in 2010) they met, spoke at length about different and seem to have found common ground

Corre even spoke. that the last words of McLaren were “free Leonard Peltier,” but other witnesses care

Do I need to burn

former manager of Sex Pistols on the Indian activist, this fact has not been confirmed. In principle, of course You do not need to – the memory is memory. With the right Corre for the action, of course, no one disputes (after all, it’s his thing). But, for example, a journalist and DJ Dave Haslam (who wrote the book “Not God: a true story of the 1970s”) considers that it would be better to sell them and the money spent on assistance to those who wish to learn, but can not, – it it would be in the style of the very, original punk.

Sam Corre said that half measures will not shake and the need to “back blow shit,” which has accumulated in the modern life.

«People feel that they no longer have the right to vote. But the most dangerous is that they stop fighting for what they believe in, and do not try to get at least something, “- he wrote in his address

He called on everyone to come on 26 November in London. Camden to also burn the things that are stored in the memory of the punk and 1970s.

Another memory

a collection Corry, of course, is not the most remarkable thing that remains of the punk, – even if he will not give up his idea to destroy the belongings, there are other relics. As they are, for example, in the case of Kurt Cobain – leader of the band Nirvana, who committed suicide in 1994.

Police in Seattle occasionally publishes new details about the tragic incident..

in the spring of 2014, they found the film to the scene of the tragedy, in 2015 posted a share a series of photographs on Thursday in the network as have pictures gun Kurt Cobain.

it is interesting that Cobain’s heirs are not interested in the emergence of new evidence. On the contrary, the musician’s widow Courtney Love and daughter Frances even sued, seeking to prohibit the further publication of photographic evidence. And maybe they’d be happy if Corre joined to his collection, and the things that are still finding Seattle police – that of Cobain and Nirvana there was only music



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