Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Zemfira concert demanded to remove from the floor Ukrainian flag – RBC

The Russian singer Zemfira, speaking at a concert in Lithuania, demanded to remove from the floor Ukrainian flag. This is evidenced by a video from the concert posted on YouTube

On the record shows, as an artist, referring to the audience, she says. “I am a resident of Russia. We are located in Lithuania. I ask you, I ask you … Do you love your country, I love my country. »

The incident was also reported in social networks Visitors of the event. According to one of the listeners of the concert in the Fan Zone, two people waving Ukrainian flags on that Zemfira said: “I did not want this issue to address, but you do not like me, you like some kind of his idea, remove them”

in July 2015 Zemfira, speaking in Georgia at the festival Tbilisi Open Air 2015 on the stage itself unfolded the flag of Ukraine. Performing the song “I wonder how are you ‘, the singer took the Ukrainian flag. After finishing the performance, the singer hung it on a microphone stand.

In Lithuania Zemfira performed as part of the tour “Little Man”, which end with a concert in Moscow in the hall “Olympic” on April 1st.


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