Thursday, March 17, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio received the “People’s Oskar” from Yakutia – BBC News

US actor Leonardo DiCaprio received an Oscar of Yakutia. He said this on his page on the Instagram, thanking residents “of the coldest inhabited place”.

“Thank you residents of Yakutia for this wonderful gift, especially for women who have donated materials for the manufacture of the figurines. As they wrote in his letter, Yakutia -. it is the coldest inhabited place not only in Russia but throughout the world, so the region is particularly vulnerable to climate change Increased temperature is a serious threat for the residents of Yakutia and their way of life and the environment, “- wrote DiCaprio .


The organizers of the action “Oscar for Leo” told that the first statue was in Miami, and then sent on to Los Angeles, where Leonardo DiCaprio and got it. They also wrote that the eagerly awaiting public appearance with the popular actor “Oscar”.

Fans of Hollywood actor decided to present him this symbolic gift after watching the drama of “Survivor.” For the production of the “Oscar” of Yakutia residents handed over their jewelry in silver and gold. A total of 144 shares took part, were collected 1 kilo 386 grams of silver and 3.49 grams of gold.

Design Folk figurines differs from its prototype. Firstly, the Yakut “Oscar” is endowed with Asian appearance. Second, he looks up, and the third, in his hand a vessel Yakutia – Choron. Figurine called “Elley, looking at the stars”.

Leonardo DiCaprio for his acting career has starred in 30 films, was nominated for “Oscar” five times, but only in 2016 for the title role in “Survivor” received the coveted statuette.


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