Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Russian television will remove remake of “Doctor House” – BBC Russian

and RTR TV channel “Russia 1″ begin to shoot a remake of the popular American television series “House MD”.

The main role in the Russian version of “Doctor House” plays Alexei Serebryakov. Shooting the series will begin in April. The first season is scheduled to release in theaters later this year.

Russian version of “Doctor House” will be the first official remake of the famous series, according to a press release from the channel.

According to the general director of “Russian 1 “Anton Zlatopolsky, a remake of such popular series -. a serious challenge for the creators

” As a rule, any professional producers or a famous actor or invested funds do not guarantee absolute success, when it comes to local remakes Always. there are a couple of secret components that make the series outstanding, and we know how to make them work, “- he said

Earlier in the Russian television channels there were already at least two of the series, in which the spectators are the features.” Doctor House “-” Doctor Tyrsa “and” Interns “

.” Dr. House “- a TV series about a doctor-diagnostician Gregory House and his team, made in the genre of medical detective. The first series of “House” aired on TV channel Fox November 16, 2004.

The authors and actors of “Doctor House” became the winner of many professional awards, including the “Emmy” and “Golden Globe”. In 2006 and in 2007 was recognized by Laurie Jury “Golden Globe” Best dramatic actor.


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