Monday, March 28, 2016

Installation of the monument to Prince Vladimir in Moscow postponed – BBC Russian

Installation of the monument to Prince Vladimir on Borovitskaya Square in the center of Moscow is postponed until summer or fall, said the author of the sculpture Salavat Shcherbakov in the air, “Russian news service”.

“By May 1, do not have time It is likely, or summer, or fall Now we are at the stage of final approval or decision of building issues and improvement Decide questions, including those recommended by UNESCO “, -… Shcherbakov said

The monument height of over 24 meters will be installed in the so-called “lawn Nixon” on Borovitskaya area, which caused disapproval of UNESCO. In January, it said that the decision to erect a monument in this place was made without consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and without taking into account the requirements of the UNESCO Convention on World Heritage.

According to Shcherbakova, UNESCO recommendations authorities plan to maintain “the lawn Nixon “.

” When Nixon came to Moscow in the early ’70s, there was a residential area, standing at home. and for his arrival put in order the area, demolished homes, and left the lawn. the lawn will be saved . it is made in a single design of urban services, taking into account all UNESCO wishes “, – he said

The Moscow Kremlin is included in the UNESCO World heritage list, so is subject not only to the protection of himself, but also adjacent areas

The place for the monument was chosen by voting on the website of “active citizen”.


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