Wednesday, March 16, 2016

“Oscar” has taken into account the lessons of “racial scandal” – News

Photo: REUTERS / Lucy Nicholson

The Council” Oscar “directors entered three new representative – the multiplier Asian Jennifer Yu Nelson and screenwriter Gregory Nava Hispanic and African American filmmaker Reginald Hadlin. Also, seven new members were replenished Oscar committee. All but film critic Amy Vincent, not “white”. The list of newcomers is published on the website Academy.

How to receive the latest innovations? Kinoakademikov take into account the lessons of the January “racial scandal” and to consider the interests of all citizens of the USA? Or is it just a “cosmetic repair” award? Whatever their purpose, it is clear that change has already arrived at the academy will have certain consequences, which, however, reflect a long-standing trend.

For many critics and commentators believe that “Oscar” has long been a “political event”: awards handed out for services or a desire to be politically correct. Now I fear on this score even more: “Oscar” is really moving in that direction.

– I think Americans just gone crazy, – he told “Izvestiya» an actor, screenwriter and film critic Evgeny Sules. – And these reshuffles further discredit the award. Today there is a tendency to give the “Oscar” is not for the artistic dignity of the picture, and not to offend anyone. If earlier it was possible to watch the Oscar films in any one year, and it was interesting, but now do not. Leonardo DiCaprio was a lot of wonderful roles, but it gets the “Oscar” for one of the failures of his work in “Survivor.” Next will be worse.

Board member of the Guild of Film Critics Leonid Pavlyuchik, on the contrary, believes, that “nothing significant happens. And movies by black artists in the “Oscar” lists more than eat, will not »

-. Movies evaluated according to the principle: there is a role or no role, according to artistic merit, not skin color of its creators. Academy of warning in advance in vain by changing composition of the Committee for Racial principle » , – assured film critic.

According to Pavlyuchik, our country never had a racial approach to the awarding of prizes.

And still, when awarded natspremiya, nobody does not occur to reason more than if the jury Ukrainian, Russian or Jews. I myself am a Ukrainian, but do not vote for Hotinenko only because his last name ends in “EHKO” -. He says

However, in the national media agenda this news discussed inactive since replaced by other known – Leonardo DiCaprio finally handed over the statuette “Oscar”, made especially for him precious metals in Yakutia.

Moreover, many believe that the situation around the “Oscar” – a private affair of the United States. So, film director Vladimir Menshov, whose picture «Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” in 1981 received «Oscar” in the category “Best Foreign Language Film”, proposed in the first place to solve their problems.

– They do as they see fit. I do not think we should discuss it. This is their country and their prize. We have a lot of their cases, it is necessary to deal with them, -. Menchov said

Recall that in January 2016, some dark-skinned actors, directors and actors show business offered to boycott the ceremony “Oscars” for the reason that in the nominations for the second year is not African American. Especially active were directed by Spike Lee. A little later, some British actors (Charlotte Rampling and Michael Caine), a privately said they oppose “politicization of the award,” and that “Oscar” should be a good game to earn

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