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Alexander Yesenin-Volpin – BBC News

March 16 in Boston, died a famous dissident, one of the leaders of the human rights movement in the USSR, who asked in many areas around the human rights movement in the Soviet Union and Russia, a poet, a philosopher and mathematician Alexander Esenin-Volpin. He went 92-th year.

Alexander was the son of the poet Sergei Yesenin and poet and translator Nadezhda Volpin. He studied in Moscow, he graduated from Mekhmat worked in Chernivtsi. His poems were published in the West and were distributed in samizdat. In 1965, Yesenin-Volpin became the organizer of the first in the post-war Soviet demonstrations. The protesters demanded the trial of the publicity Andrei Sinyavsky and Yuli Daniel and respect for the Constitution

During the anti-Soviet poetry and human rights activities Yesenin-Volpin several times placed in a psychiatric hospital -. In 1949, 1958 and 1968. Shortly after leaving the hospital in 1968, he emigrated to the United States, but since 1989, often came to Russia.

About the death of Alexander Yesenin-Volpin, Russian media reported with reference to his friends.

Alexander Yesenin-Volpin. Photo:

The information about it spread quickly in social networks. “Alik Volpin (Sergevich Alexander Yesenin-Volpin), mathematician and poet, philosopher and human rights activist, an outstanding phenomenon of Russian culture, died at the age of 92 after a long illness in Boston. Peace be upon him “- he writes about it in his blog on Facebook Russian physicist, teacher, member of the human rights movement in the Soviet Union Pavel Litvinov.

« Man “pathological” fearlessness, stories about him – comic and striking at the same time – do not count “- so says Yesenin-Volpin activist Anna Margolis. According to her, at one time, “the question of who among their circle had absolutely no illusions about the Bolsheviks and all knew initially (and not just when the repression touched personally or very close), Wawa Eichenwald [ Valeria M. Gerlin- . Eichenwald, teacher and human rights activist, 1929-2012 - Ed ] immediately replied: “just so I guess only Alik Volpin?” »

« son of the great. poet, a brilliant mathematician, legendary dissident; teacher Andrei Sakharov in the human rights field … He lived a very long, serial life.

A volpinsky paraphrase of “The Crow”, written by him a year before the first arrest, in 1948, we will remain in the memory of his remarkable literary gift and our black times, sometimes lighter, but never become clear. “Oh, Nevermore!” – Wrote on his Facebook page, writer, journalist, broadcaster and activist Victor Shenderovich

«Yesenin-Volpin actually very relevant always, it is relevant today.. The mathematician, logician, therefore, very solid man with his perception, he kind of set the tone and meaning of all independent social activity in the Soviet Union and Russia for half a century, “- he said in an interview with” BBC News, “a member of the” Memorial “Human Rights Centre of the Council of , a member of the Expert Council under the Commissioner for human Rights in Russia, Alexander Cherkasov.

in his opinion, the pedagogical gift Yesenin-Volpin was not fully appreciated. “Was he a time when he was teaching the logic of the fire. And when he emigrated and he was replaced by another mathematician, logician – and also a dissident – Yuri Gastev, it became clear that the logic he was taught by definition. He taught to call a spade a spade, down to such concepts as “fire has fire of wealth, to no purpose, amounting to more than 20 rubles».

And if we talk about the public, the human rights movement, there, he also brought a sense. Partly it brings sense and partly destroyed the false meanings. His phrase, “Do not look for logic in places where you do not put it,” it quoted a lot of people over the years. In fact, he taught that this is the thing – not to take for granted the wrong meaning, and look for these meanings to and to call things by their names

His incompatibility with the surrounding reality and honesty with this reality has led. to the fact that it was written down in the mad almost immediately, as soon as he tried to go to the front and honestly said, whose son he is. He has repeatedly been in psychiatric hospitals – which, in general, has proven its normality, normality with respect to the abnormal reality

It was he who in the 1960s and gave the impetus that determined the direction of the human rights movement.. “The rally publicity” December 5, 1965, the demand for “comply with its laws”, “Follow our Constitution,” the civil appeal, then written, relevant and up to date. This is if you do not say that Alexander – a poet who read his verses perfectly, and a wonderful person. We are very much lost. He will be sorely missed “, – said Alexander Cherkasov



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