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Rolling Stones show in Cuba brought together hundreds of thousands of viewers – BBC Russian

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Image caption Mick Jagger talked with his Cuban fans of the beautiful Spanish language

The legendary British rock band Rolling Stones first performed in Cuba, gathering at their free hundreds of thousands of viewers live.

The Cuban people began to gather in huge sports complex “Ciudad Deportivo” in Havana for many hours before the concert, which in Cuba has already called historic.

the popular musicians of this scale had happened in Cuba ever since, as the leader of the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro 1961 is actually banned on the island of rock music, calling it a subversive and decadent.

exactly estimate the number who came to the performance of “Rolling Stones” is not possible, however, the government estimated capacity “Ciudad Deportivo” of half a million people – and sports the complex was almost filled to capacity.

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Image caption Despite many years of unofficial ban rock music in Cuba, most of who came to the concert of Rolling Stones locals know by heart the songs

According to other estimates, the audience was still smaller – about 200 thousand.

Concert Rolling Stones, who many consider one more sign of the rapid change in Cuba, was held three days after the equally historic visit to the island President US Barack Obama -. first visit to Cuba, the American president in nearly 90 years

frontman Mick Jagger began by welcoming Spanish

“Hello Havana.! Good evening my Cuban people, “- he shouted Jagger and immediately proceeded to Jumpin ‘Jack Flash – a classic song” Rolling Stones “, without which it can not do any of their concert

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Image caption Rolling Stones came to Cuba as part of, that does not change for a quarter century: Ron Wood (left), Mick Jagger (center), Keith Richards (right) and Charlie Watts (VO)

Rolling Stones performed 18 songs and chose the most famous and popular numbers from their huge catalog -. Paint it Black, Gimme Shelter, Brown Sugar

between songs, Mick Jagger continued to communicate with the audience in Spanish

“We know that once there it was difficult to hear our songs. But here we are, and do you play them in your beautiful country. I think the time has finally changed, “- said Jagger applause and the approving roar of the crowd

The show lasted over two hours and ended, perhaps, the most important song of the group -. Satisfaction

Participants. the group has left the stage, but the audience for a long time continued to sing the chorus of the famous tune a guitar riff of this song.


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