Monday, March 21, 2016

On CTC begins the series “Eternal Vacation” Konstantin Kryukov and Valery Fedorovich – BBC

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On Monday night at the CTC will premiere series “Eternal Vacation» , which is itself channel He calls “one of the most ambitious projects of the spring season».

The main roles performed in the premiere of Konstantin Kryukov and star of the hit comedy CTC “Kitchen” Valery Fedorovich. A company of young actors made Dmitry Astrakhan and Yan Yan Tsapnik, as well as many foreign artists

As planned by the creators of the series, to bring the viewer to the atmosphere of this international cruise, all the aliens on the ship -. And in the team and among the passengers – played by foreign actors. For example, in “perpetual holiday” will be artists from Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Austria and the USA. One of the requirements for crew had knowledge of the English language, as the on-site communication often occur in English.

«My character – a very interesting and a lot more excited about his work than I would have been happy being on the position of deputy director of the ship, – says Konstantin Kryukov. – With it all there was some magical history: from small pleasure boat on the Moscow River, he got to the big European ship. In general, from rags to riches. Andrew himself delighted with these changes, but it is understood that is quite difficult to manage such a large object. Although to his credit: he reacts flexibly and quickly learns »

« Sasha – in itself an unusual woman – she tells about her character Valery Fedorovich.. – She does not try to come to terms with reality, most of all trying to survive. If I’m not conflicted man, it – superkonfliktny. Sasha is easy to start, can yell at others to call them bad words ».

The series will be shown from Monday to Thursday at 20.00.

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