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WEF 2016: dynamics of development of mariculture projects and productions of the Mariinsky Theatre – the Primorsky Territory Administration (press release)

The first meeting of the Organizing Committee on preparation and holding of the second East Economic Forum, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister – Plenipotentiary Representative of the President in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev held today, March 25, in the Maritime region. The event was attended by Governor of the Territory Vladimir Miklushevsky.


In opening the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister drew attention of the audience to the fact that the time to prepare for the event at a high level enough.

«in contrast to the first forum where work had under time pressure, now is the time to eat. We must take into account all the details work together so that the forum helped the economic development of the Far East, the development of the Russian economy “, – he underlined

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The discussion touched the two main areas of work: the content and organization of training activities

As noted by Yuri Trutnev, since last forum changed a lot -. created new areas of advanced development, new investment projects are supported, started the Free port of Vladivostok. This is an occasion to present the guests with what has already been achieved. Business WEF-2016 program, he said, should be “interesting and useful to participants».


«In my opinion, the most important content of the Second World Economic Forum should be the dynamics of development. Do not talk about the economy in general, and a clear demonstration of the fact that we are moving, that is, the main areas of progress that has been larger economic projects, created new businesses, especially as they have, thank God, are beginning to be built. A large number of infrastructure projects in the design stage. And I think this is important, because different things – go to the open field and go, knowing that in all everything goes “, – marked the envoy


It is assumed that the agenda of the business program will be formed on the basis of the activities of the participants stated. But now, according to First Vice-Governor of the Primorsky Territory Basil Usoltseva, it is obvious that need more specifics.

«The forum will be to offer investors projects related to subsoil use, transport infrastructure, as well as mariculture. We believe it is a large block of opportunities, because today Primor practically masters of the sea coast, including the fact that until now have not been available the relevant legislation. Today Yuri Petrovich gave specific instructions prorevizirovat legislation in this area. And perhaps, at the WEF will discuss projects already in the field of mariculture in Primorye, “- commented on the results of the meeting Vasily Usoltsev


The second block of discussion touched on issues of accommodation. According to first deputy head of the region, in Vladivostok Hotels already booked 4,890 seats for guests and accompanying persons

«In the same block – infrastructure preparation cities. Road, energy, communication , catering guests. We have taken into account the practice of the previous forum and believe that this time the organization of these processes take place calmly. The cultural program will present all the regions of the Far East, to discuss how this will separately collect the subjects of management. It is also traditionally a big event will be held on the new site for the region – the Maritime Mariinsky Theatre, with the participation of the Mariinsky team. And a big sporting event, similar to last year “, – said the first vice-governor

Recall East Economic Forum held annually in Vladivostok, in accordance with the Decree of the President of Russia <.. /> span>

The first East economic forum brought together more than 2500 participants from 32 countries in Asia, Europe and Latin America. The event was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The forum was signed 109 agreements of more than 1.8 trillion rubles. Rich WEF harvest brought and Primorye – the total amount of investment on the basis of the signed edge 22 agreements totaled 100 billion rubles

Note that Primor presented at the forum is the largest number of investment projects in all regions. Far East – more than 30, including the territory of priority development, the special economic zone, the Free port of Vladivostok and an integrated entertainment resort zone “Primorye».

Work on the second WEF began immediately after the end of the first offline. Currently formed and active working groups in various fields, ensuring the success of the forum. Four and are headed by the Governor of Primorye Territory Vladimir Miklushevsky:. Infrastructure, Transport, volunteers and accommodation of participants and guests of the WEF

At the Forum website continues today registration of participants .

Catherine Age, veka _ ea @ primorsky ru

Catherine Tretiak, tretyak _ ev @ primorsky ru

Photo – Igor Novikov (Primorsky Krai Administration)


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