Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mutko: need for criminal liability for the disclosure of the results of doping tests –

Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko told what steps should be taken to avoid a repetition of doping scandals in the Russian sport.

«Whatever we talked about doping, I can say that all the achievements and victories of the Russian sports not related to doping. The success of Russian athletes is that in recent years there is a deliberate policy to create the conditions for the athletes. Improve sports facilities, formed a reserve. We regained the status of the sports power. The government is investing billions of dollars in mass sports and infrastructure development.

I want to also say that it is not necessary this topic politicized. If we take the statistics of suspended athletes according to the results of 2015, we are on the American level, France and Germany. We also had taken about 13 thousand. Doping tests Russian systems and more 5 th. International Anti-Doping pool. In total, it was barred somewhere 200 athletes of different levels, so it is 1-1,5%.

Why is Russia so much attention focused on the doping? Because we do three information peak. Took an athlete doping test, it showed a positive result. Only the athlete and the federation receive information from international organizations, but the federation we immediately merges the information to the media. It is prohibited, it is necessary to introduce administrative and criminal liability for that. Then reveal doping sample B, again comes the information wave. At the same Olga Kaniskina suspension already finished, but we are still discussing its removal.

More must be said that the doping problem is not only in Russia, but, say, in Mexico no one so do not discuss. We were riveted everyone’s attention. Therefore, international organizations, including the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) should be more independent. It is not necessary for every “sneeze” media to create a commission and investigate. They need to take responsibility, “- Mutko told the TV channel” Match TV “.


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