Monday, March 21, 2016

On CTC begins sitcom “Eternal Vacation” – BBC

The daughter of a very wealthy businessman Alexander Kravtsov (Valery Fedorovich of the “Kitchen”) celebrates his birthday with friends on the river boat. In the midst of the fun they violate all kinds of safety rules, and who dared to point them to this mate Andrei Sokolov (Konstantin Kryukov, Mona Lisa of “9th Company”), smeared with paint and humiliate. Ends all fire on the ship, firing Sokolova and anger Sasha’s dad’s (Yan Yan Tsapnik, father of “Bitter!»)

The anger is terrible -. It deprives the daughter of banknotes and sends it to belong to him cruise liner simple maid, to spoiled girl I learned how to earn money, and convinced that life – not just drinking and partying. On the same cruise liner deputy director arranged and Sokolov, who now have to make Sasha to perform its duties, to deal with the whims of his immediate superior (Dmitry Astrakhan) and restore order among the other employees. The ship is himself an oligarch who put on the international wanted list and that now it is necessary to urgently find Panama in the Mediterranean Sea.

CTC starts showing comedy series “Eternal Vacation” heroes which is very nice to spend time in each other’s company on board the huge ocean liner and pretend that it’s not funny.

Sitka is conceptually very similar to last year’s hit channel “Londongrad”, which, however, in addition to entertainment and educational function carried – he talked about the Russian community living in London. Unfortunately, the quality is very good and made the series came in not quite the right time. To do it in conditions when Russia is resigned to the cosmopolitanism of its individual citizens and even admits that someone might like to live abroad, but the premiere took place one and a half years after the annexation of the Crimea, in the midst of the events in Ukraine and in the wake imposed by Western countries sanctions. And light-hearted group of young (and not) people who settled in the British capital with relative comfort, in September 2015, the second could cause the only class hatred – despite the efforts of the writers who made “Londongrad” very patriotic film

<. p> «the eternal holiday” made roughly the same patterns as the story of a London barman, and also comes in a world in which many destinations for one reason or another were closed.

Andrei Sokolov, of course, is not Michael Kulikov of “Londongrad”, and the comparison between the two turns in favor of the latter – it is more disruptive, more knowledgeable and, most importantly, more charming. Character Kryukov is, seems to be in a state of permanent surprise from the outside world, which is trying to kick obsessive fan as painfully as possible.

Actually, the plot of “Eternal vacation” and built on those kicks .

They can take any form – in accordance with the selected genre. For example, a gentle loving arms of the cruise director, who, incidentally, is also a prototype “Londongrad” (lawyer Boris Brickman), but here and not the color, and it does not solve the problem, but creates. The second main character of “eternal holiday” Sasha, too, can find an analogy from London – however, overall it has with the heroine Ingrid Olerinskoy perhaps the only pope oligarch, deprived the daughter of salaries

And this is what will achieve Sasha to the finals of the” Eternal vacation “- perhaps the main intrigue of the sitcom

The rest is more or less clear.. The authors of this series – in contrast to their colleagues from “Londongrad” – did not go into the problems of his characters, the additional twist of intrigue and engage in educational program, which is why “Eternal Vacation” has turned much simpler. He even lets you look at the cruise ship up close and enjoy the views of the vast, floating in the sea of ​​a multistory building. But to expect from the “Eternal vacation” Talk about eternal values, probably not worth it – it’s not about that, and criminal news about the masters of life and lack of TV is



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