Monday, March 28, 2016

Hugh Jackman helped save their children from drowning ocean – BBC Russian

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Image caption Hugh Jackman was born in Sydney, and is familiar with the dangers there the water

Star epic “X-Men” Hugh Jackman helped in the rescue of their own children in the reverse flow at Sydney Bondi beach in Australia.

The Australian channel Nine News showed the shooting incident on Saturday: it is seen as Jackman using another man pulls his daughter out of the water.

Then rescuers rescued Oscar Jackman’s son, who struggled with strong current.

The club lifeguard North Bondi thanked Jackman for the help.

As we walked out of the water, he said to me three times thank you

Lifeguard Trent Folson

After the incident, swimming at the beach was forbidden due to the adverse weather conditions until the end of the day

The “Instagrame” rescue Club of North Bondi explains. “The beach had to be closed due to severe weather conditions and lack of resources in many rescue operations. Rescuers helped and @thehughjackman! Thank you, Hugh! “

Rescue Trent Folson told Australian television station Nine News, the actor thanked him for his wonderful work to save Oscar.

” When we walked out of the water, he three times said I thank you, “-. says lifeguard

Another holidaymaker, Peter, Adam, was not far from the site of the incident and helped the actor

.” His daughter could not get to the shelf, so I took her hand, and Hugh took me by the other, to get to shallow water

“, -. I did not save it I helped him then he went to get his daughter on the beach for my son. – he said.”.


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