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The attacks in Brussels: EU cancels anti-Russian sanctions summer – REGNUM

Brussels, 22 March 2016, 23:08 – REGNUM

On Tuesday, March 22 the capital of Belgium and the entire European Union – Brussels, has undergone one of the most serious, in addition to the tragedy in Paris last November, and mass terrorist attacks over the past few decades in Europe. First, two explosions occurred at the airport, then at three subway stations, next to the buildings of the European Commission and the EU Council as well as next to the US Embassy in Belgium. According to preliminary data, killed 34 people, injured more than 200.

The official version is that in this way the terrorists responded to the capture of the secret services in Belgium Salah Abdeslama, which the French authorities believe the main organizer of the Paris terrorist attacks November 13, 2015, in which 130 people died. In particular, such a simplistic and banal version of what happened in the capital of Belgium adheres Maxim Yushin in “Kommersant”: “By organizing the explosions at the airport and the subway of Brussels, the Islamist terrorist underground is sending to the world community several signals

signal. first . You will not be able to defeat us, and beheaded. Just at the end of last week, the Belgian secret services conducted a successful operation, arrested the organizer of the terrorist attacks in Paris last November SalahaAbdeslama – man perceived in Europe as a symbol of a new wave of terror. It seemed for a while jihadist underground neutralized, to recover just will not work on such a strike. Alas, it only seemed. The attack was demonstrably organized in Brussels. Then, to eliminate the cell – is not the only one. So there are others. So, there will be more attacks.

The signal of the second. The terrorists want to show the people of Europe, that all the security measures taken by the authorities are ineffective, that “the soldiers jihad “more that they fully own initiative and always at least one move ahead of the security services. After the operation to arrest Salah Abdeslama in the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek it was clear that the country has taken higher, extraordinary security measures. But they did not help. So, it does not help anything or anyone. You can kill at any time – at the airport, railway station, in the cafe, in the theater, at a football match. You entered the war, from which you can not get out winners. Defeat all the same we. Because you are afraid of death, and we – no. This idea wants to convey to Europeans terrorists. »

However, there is nothing stopping another, and to assume a much more osnovatelnuyui time-tested version, which does not attempt to translate the public’s attention on the absolutely simple-interpretation of what is happening. This version is the fact that influential world power, concentrated in the “war party” just took advantage of the arrest of the head of the terrorist group and re-activated by another during the Cold War against the Soviet Union, the terrorist network “Gladio”. The reason is simple – Europe still continues the resistance to the US absorbing EU project under the guise of the Treaty on the transatlantic partnership, and terrorism remains a last resort, which can be used worldwide “party of war” to break the resistance of the EU national governments.

This is also, in particular, said in an interview with IA REGNUM and a lieutenant colonel, a member of the International Veterans Association Unit antiterror “Alpha» Andrei Popov: « Series terrorist attacks in the airport and the metro of Brussels – the result of flaws in the security services, which are specifically driven reorganizations, and it is beneficial to the secret services of the USA, in order to clearly oversee that intelligence agencies could not defend in full the interests »

The relevance of an event attached to two factors. . Firstly, the US election campaign where things have stavlennitsy “war party” Hillary Clinton, despite its dominance in the election campaign of the Democratic Party opponent by Benny Sanders, things are getting worse and worse. Number of investigation of evidence goes in the quality, and “klintongeyt” gradually begins to move from an administrative penalty in the criminal plan. And to complete the campaign for another six months. In addition, Clinton openly beginning to forge votes “primaries” – so in Florida for a couple with Sanders they have received 106% of the votes. A Trump questioned NATO’s value to the US and made a presentation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from which it follows that he is going to accelerate not only NATO but also the Clinton State Department, which is trying to pursue their own policies and through NATO to command the US Army.

second, as we have shown in the last analysis of the blogosphere ( “Why the US establishment is afraid of Trump’s West on the eve of major changes?”), the very political system of Europe is facing severe shocks: a virtual two-party system of control over voters, rebuilt the Anglo-Saxons after the second world war begins to falter, resulting in the top political level in almost all the key European countries – Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Greece, Denmark, Hungary and some others began to come nationally oriented political forces, which are not, I never sign a treaty on the transatlantic partnership, but that not a stone will be left by the European Union in the form in which it exists today – as the occupation zone under total US control. Therefore, the world party of the war need to rush

In addition to security issues, attacks in Belgium have discovered a major problem in Europe -. She has long lived in a fantasy world. And inadequate vision of the world – real, not imaginary problems, and leads to a very improper own behavior and inadequate problem-solving. Europe for years engaged not address the real problems and the fight against windmills, chief among which was Russia. No matter what, no matter why, the main thing was to fight, to press, to blame. Most have tried, of course, the finest mongrel.

A similar position was made today and the chairman of the State Duma International Affairs Committee Alexei Pushkov: “Perfect in Brussels attacks prove the incorrectness of NATO policy, the complete lack of understanding of the international situation, the alliance, as well as the fact disorientation of public opinion in Europe, where instead of the real enemy – international terrorism – impose imaginary, in particular Russia »

Now you have to pay, because Russia was a false purpose.. It seems that this is beginning to reach even the most hard-nosed. Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of Poland Mariusz Blaschak sure that there is a clear link between frequent terrorist attacks in Europe and engulfing the continent migration crisis: “We have been consistently in all meetings of the heads of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the EU countries to draw attention to the fact that there is a connection between acts of terrorism and the influx of migrants in Europe. It can not be questioned. Many members of the Western European countries have argued otherwise. We see the consequences of the allegations. ”

That is, before, when Russia for years talked about the need for a joint struggle against international terrorism and proposed to create a new overall concept and the European security system, this elementary idea did not reach critical fellow politicians. Let’s see whether it comes now or only after the US-led terrorists get to the inhabitants of Berlin and London.

There is no doubt, in Belgium the attacks showed the main thing. Europe was unable to build their own security at the expense of Russia. The fact that since 1997, actively offered Moscow its European partners, they are also actively released into the basket. And in this case it is not only the political and security issues in the context of a united Europe, but also on the economy, remember that the project “South Stream”. It is now, after the terrorist attacks in Belgium, there is at least one expert who will say that these issues are not addressed? Connected and very close. Because as soon as the real terrorists see that Europe takes the security of its economic security carelessly, the same conclusion follows on the political and terrorist security. You can not break the continent live and build artificial boundary lines, especially under the dictation of a third party.

The first alarm bell rang in Paris. And what about Europe? I talk about and forgotten. And once again he continued his ridiculous, ridiculous and dangerous geopolitical dance. Now the bell sounded much more alarming. World “party of war” all made it clear clearly – you have been a little three explosions in Paris – arrange seven in Brussels. Few will be seven in Brussels – arrange ten in London or Berlin.

As it is now perceive the EU decisions taken at the EU and Turkey’s recent summit? It is obvious that the new influx of refugees from Turkey, will significantly increase the level of terrorist threat in Europe. And what will it be – can not be doubted, looking at both the increase in acts of terrorism, and the prospects of a civil war in Turkey. Experience shows the inadequacy of the EU decisions. But even if the threat of massive terrorist attacks demonstrates the EU night blindness, then who can guarantee that this is not a power vacuum filled by other political and not only political force? If the authorities can not exercise its power functions, it will inevitably be swept away by the winds of historical change.

The current power structure in Europe will suppress the peoples and the fundamental interests has no political future. Conversely, the longer it will persist the current EU structure exclusively for the benefit of thousands of families on both sides of the Atlantic with a purely decorative system of democracy, while Europe will be under the yoke of NATO, is a unity of the EU and NATO will be understood as a war against Russia – until the situation in Europe will deteriorate more and more. And given the acceleration of political processes in the world – and faster

There is no more obvious consequences of acts of terrorism in Brussels on the future of the European project.. It seems to me that after the terrorist attacks of the Belgian problem of Ukraine – where it will be, with whom, in what condition and what unit – becomes a problem in the late thirties in Europe. Against this background, cooperation, and not just cooperation and strategic partnership with Russia – political, economic idea actually becomes the number one in Europe. Therefore, in my opinion, the question of the abolition of the European Union in the summer of anti-Russian sanctions becomes more urgent task not only for Russia -. We have and so all relatively well, but for most of Europe

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