Monday, March 7, 2016

Bobrova and Soloviev not go to the World Cup because of suspicion of doping – Russian Newspaper

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Photo Alexander Wilf / RIA Novosti

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Ekaterina Bobrova used meldonium. The test, which is bronze medalist of Europe-2016 championship passed on the continent, discovered the banned since January 1 st drug.

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meldonium invented in 1984 in the Soviet time in Latvia. Among other things, taking it speeds up recovery after injuries. In the Figure Skating Federation of extremely attentive to what meldonium was on the list of banned substances. This had been warned all athletes.


And in general in figure skating doping does not happen often. Not that this kind of sport. However, once there was a real, albeit a sad curiosity. Elena Berezhnaya and a cold, do not ask for advice of doctors, dripped into the nose of ephedrine in the year 2000. Elementary negligence, and in the International Skating Union (ISU) to such inadvertent disturbance treated with understanding, but a medal of the European Championship had to return.

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In 2007, Yuri Larionov, who spoke in a pair with Vera Bazarova decided to pull the overweight with the help of commercially available in every drugstore furasemid. I took the drug only once, and was banned for two years. Then, at the request of our Federation, the period of Ineligibility reduced. And all the while patiently waiting for Yuri true Faith. And as much as the Cavaliers were stuffed into her a couple – all refused. When Yura returned, the couple won a medal at the European championships. But after years of success at the end of 2014 year split. However, as happens with couples and not just dance. It ended the history of doping, and love.


A Katya Bobrova and Soloviev Dima unlucky lately. Nawal first at Dima, and then on the partner injury. Bronze at the European Championships was instilled hope for a full recovery. But no … Although in the will to understand and the ISU, and our Federation, one thing is clear: the dancers have a very hard time


Instead Bobrova – Soloviev go to Boston first spare pair – Alexander Stepanov – Ivan Bukin. The guys train hard to keep the shape … But the story still was very sad.


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