Friday, March 11, 2016

British musician Keith Emerson committed suicide – RBC

The keyboard player and composer Keith Emerson, whose death became known earlier, had shot himself. It is reported by Reuters, citing a police spokesman in Santa Monica.

Emerson’s body was found at his home on Friday morning. He made one shot in the head, police came to the conclusion that it is a suicide

On the death of Emerson told a group Emerson, Lake & amp.; Palmer, one of the founders of which he is. The report said that Emerson died last night at his home in Santa Monica, but the cause of death were not disclosed. The group asked to treat with respect to a family of musicians, and to respect their rights to privacy.

Emerson was born in England in 1944. In May 1967 he created the group The Nice. Emerson, Lake & amp; Palmer (ELP) – a so-called “supergroup” consisting of already known musicians – Emerson founded together with Carl Palmer and Greg Lake in 1970. Later, Emerson recorded several solo releases. The last one came out in 2012. He also wrote the autobiographical book “Pictures of an exhibitionist,” which was released in 2004.


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