Tuesday, March 15, 2016

On the First Channel launched the series “The Red Queen” – BBC

The mid 50s of last century. Zoya Kolesnikova (young actress Ksenia Lukyanchikova) studying in the final year of school, living in a small town and the running, hardly makes swearing drunken disabled father, and the limit of her dreams – marrying a prominent accountant classmate and get to the factory. But one day his father, unable to find the house of money spent on a dress for prom, which nearly kills her mother – and Zoe had to hit it with a hammer. Mother takes her guilt on himself, goes to prison for 12 years, and she becomes his town outcast – it shows a finger on the street and at school refused to give a gold medal as the killer’s daughter

There is only one: to go to hell

If you receive a passport, it changes the name and becomes Regina, and after graduating from school, sit on a train and sent to conquer Moscow.. Here she first carries. She met with a very respectable lady Augusta Leontievna (Ada Rogovtseva), enters the VGIK (though at the Faculty of Economics, as best versed in mathematics) gets acquainted with living in high-rise building on Tinkers girl from high society Tata (Ioannina Studilina). And he falls in love with the grandson of Augusta Leontyevna Volodya (Anatoliy Rudenko), which is hoping to start a family. But not all so simple. Volodya -. KGB officer, and be with them not to

First channel began airing the series “The Red Queen” (it is already fully available in channel online cinema ), which looks like a story of Ugly duckling, who came from the provinces, who won the capital and turned into a beautiful swan,

but is based on the real – and not so fabulous – the life of one of the most famous . Soviet models Regina Zbarskii

However, in the film, her name is Regina Barska – so the authors of the series (he filmed Film.UA Ukrainian company, which is made, for example, both seasons “Beezer”) secured themselves against possible claims, and left yourself the opportunity for some scenic liberties. In fact, these liberties pushed them and myself the heroine of a child which has two equivalent versions: one of them, she was born in Vologda (and then there were no shown in the series of domestic violence), and on the other – was brought up in an orphanage after his death parents who were circus gymnasts. In the series, the story of an orphanage a future star of the podium heard from encountered the train circus artists and then told everyone he knew not to answer the uncomfortable questions.

Yes, Zbarskii turned out to be a star podium -. probably one of the first in the Soviet Union

of course, her fame in the Soviet Union did not go to any comparison with the famous actress cinema – such as for example Lyudmila Gurchenko. But the world of fashion in the Soviet Union existed: in Moscow on Kuznetsky Most-Union House of models of clothes was situated in these years began his career Slava Zaitsev; this world, even got into the movie, though often in a satirical vein ( “Pants turn, turn trousers …”). And Western designers have dealt with the same Zaitsev, watching the progress of his Soviet colleagues and without any bias recognize their success and good luck. Including the selection of models for the demonstration. Zbarskaya traveled to defile in the capitalist countries, to conquer Paris and talked on equal terms with Pierre Cardin and Christian Dior. So the world of fashion professionals knew this model and noted her ability to hold on to an amazing representative hidden behind the “iron curtain” of the country, and no less surprising beauty. And it is good that this role has been chosen precisely Xenia Lukyanchikova – 23-year-old actress looks very organically in the scenes where we are talking about the shows fashion collections (and is trying very hard in all the other)

Her heroine, of course, can not be subject to follow

But the “Red Queen.” – not “Intergirl”, she does not specify a role model for the younger generation, but simply It tells the tragic story, introducing the audience with one of the last episodes of their country. This episode (and the show too) is built according to the canons of melodrama. And not the fault and trouble Zbarskii what her biography – a beautiful life in the bohemian environment, unsuccessful personal life (the first husband left her and the second published a book with too personal memories), abuse of drugs, torn down career and suicide at 51 – suitable for such a genre is best.


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