Monday, March 14, 2016

Students rioted in Venezuela due to the lack of food in canteens – BBC

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Students in Venezuela staged a confrontation with the police, protesting against the lack of food in the canteens, the portal El Nacional .

it is noted that the students of the medical Faculty in Merida were dissatisfied with the decision of the university administration to close the table due to lack of food supplies.

The students blocked several streets around the university and set on fire tires. The protest turned into clashes with police.

National Guard under fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the demonstrators. Students pelted police with stones.

Several young people were slightly injured.

Previous reported that Venezuela has extended a state of emergency in the economy for 60 days.

The situation in Venezuela has acquired a critical character in the background of the goods deficit, runaway inflation and falling government revenues due to falling oil prices, as well as the institutional crisis between the executive and legislative branches of government after the start of the opposition of the Parliament.

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