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Harrison Ford will play in the fifth part of the adventures of Indiana Jones – BBC

Disney Company finally decided on the continuation of another popular franchise, it inherited a legacy from George Lucas’ Lucasfilm, together with the purchase of the studio. CEO Alan Horn announced the return of the famous archaeologist Indiana Jones in the fifth part of the series of films about the search and destruction of objects of historical heritage.

The main role in the film is still to play Harrison Ford and The movie is scheduled for July 19, 2019

«Indiana Jones -. one of the most important characters in the history of cinema, and we look forward to when he will return to the screen. This is a very rare and perfect combination of director, producer, actor and role, so we are happy to participate in this adventure “- quoted Horn edition Deadline

made the film Stephen. Spielberg and George Lucas will return to producing.

Disney bought Lucasfilm Lucas for $ 4.05 billion in November 2012. this amount includes the right to the continuation of two series of films that made the studio – space opera “Star wars” and Indiana Jones adventure. Both franchises have been very popular with viewers: so, six films “Star Wars” at the time earned $ 4.65 billion, while the four “Indiana Jones” – almost $ 2 billion immediately after the purchase of Disney’s management vaguely promised that the fifth film about. Jones is sure to be – kogda-nibud, but decided to focus its efforts on the parts of the new “Star wars».

after three years, the idea of ​​a new team (although the process is controlled former deputy Lucas Kathleen Kennedy) became clear, and even brought . the first (and very good), fruit

The film is JJ Abrams’ “Star wars: The Awakening forces” left in hire in December 2015, the second and earned $ worldwide 2057000000 .

The painting is now in third place in the ranking of the highest-grossing film in history, second only to “Avatar” ($ 2.79 billion) and “Titanic” ($ 2.187 billion). Well, the universe itself, “Star Wars” in a few years will replenish a full trilogy launched “Awakening forces” (the eighth episode will be released in December 2017, and the ninth – in 2019), as well as three separate films about the heroes of space opera. In December 2016 he promised to “Cast Away” Gareth Edwards, in 2018 – a biopic of Han Solo, and in 2020 – also a biography, but Boba Fett. Will it at least approximately replicate the success of the seventh episode in the following films by this universe – is unknown. Abrams directed to be no longer wants, explaining that he does not like to sit long in one place (even though he is six years in a row doing the show “Lost”), but to be the executive producer of the eighth and ninth episodes agreed.

Harrison Ford in the revival space franchise was more than active.

in the “Awakening forces,” he returned to the character that made him famous actor adventure movie – smuggler Han Solo and the rebel, the best friend of Luke Skywalker and Princess husband (sorry, General) Lea. Overestimate his contribution to the full return to the stars quite difficult – he pulled on itself (with a little help Chubbaki, that is, Peter Mayhew) all nostalgic line of the picture, but now (note the spoiler), the story of this character is over, and with a calm heart, an actor may leave “Star wars” in the care of his colleagues on the very first episodes – Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher, as well as young, but promising recruits – Daisy Ridley, Oscar Isaac and John Boyega. Well, Chewbacca, of course

And to work on another role, which strongly differentiate it from the actors of the first “Star Wars” -. The same Hamill and Fisher

Lucas and Spielberg came up with Indiana Jones is already in status, when they were allowed a lot. The first were behind him all of a sudden shot of “Star Wars” and the second was the author of the blockbuster “Jaws” and was preparing to put the “Alien”. So the financing for the film about the adventures of a professor of archeology, more like a bounty hunter in the Wild West, found, and in 1981 released “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Three years later, followed by the second part – “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”, and five years later, in 1989 – “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade»

After that Indiana Jones was abandoned for many years, 19

in the fourth part -. published in 2008, the movie “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the crystal skull” – there was a kind of attempt to restart the franchise. Harrison Ford returned to his character, but somewhere along the course of the film, he had to pass a major role Jones son (played by promising at the time Shia LaBeouf). The attempt was not very successful (although it was the most profitable film series with the $ 786.6 million of fees), and possible sequels were once again postponed. As it turns out now -. 11 years

By the release of the movie (in 2019) Harrison Ford is already 77 years old

. Apparently, in the new part of the authors will try again to introduce beginners to revive the series – especially since the “Awakening forces” and Abrams showed how to do it correctly. Of course, the “Star Wars” franchise as the stronger “Indiana Jones”, but Spielberg and Lucas (supported by Disney, of course) certainly cope with this fact.


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