Friday, March 11, 2016

Leads nominees “Nika” Award – BBC

The ceremony of announcement of nominees of the Russian Academy of Motion Picture Arts Award was held on Friday, March 11, at Cinema Club “Eldar”. Welcoming remarks were made by the President of the Academy Andrei Konchalovsky and artistic director Yuli Gusman Prize. Before you call the names of the nominees, Konchalovsky was glad that next year “Nick” will mark the thirtieth anniversary, and announced that the prize “For the honor and dignity” is now named after died late last year by Eldar Ryazanov. Laureate in the nomination this time was the actress Alisa Freundlich.

As for the other candidates of the Greek goddess figurine by Sergei Mikulski sculptor, the list of nominees for the main award for the best film of the year almost completely repeats the same list of nominees for the “Golden Eagle “. The only difference was that a “battalion” Dmitry Meshieva, “Battle of Sevastopol” Sergei Mokritskiy, “The end of a great era” by Stanislav Govorukhin, “To lovely Hans, dear Peter,” Alexander Mindadze and “About Love” by Anna Melikyan added Christmas comedy Basil Sigareva “Oz.” Sigareva The film, shot in defiance “of the mat to the law” naturally become this year one of “Nicky” favorites. In the picture the seven nominations, including best actress of the first and the second plan, the Director and Actor, and in this nomination will compete just two have played in the artist’s film – Alexander Bashirov and Vladimir Simonov

Strangely Sigarev not received a nomination for the script – perhaps academics still feared to award one of the best cinematic last year because of his obscene

Seven nominations gathered and “Orleans. “Andrew Proshkina – phantasmagoria scenario Yuri Arabova, ignoring the” Golden eagle “. Proshkin was in the enviable company of Alexander Mindadze and Alexei Fedorchenko – all three of them were left without directing nominations

Except patriotic “Battalion” and the “Battle of Sevastopol”, remained virtually bypassed. attention of academics, many blockbusters last year.

for example, the box office hit “Duhless 2″ received a nomination for best Actor (for Danila Kozlovsky). But in the same category (quite rightly) represented by Alexander Yatsenko, but the problem is that the picture of “Insight” by Alexander Kott, in which the actor splendidly played suddenly blinded young man has not yet been published in the Russian rolling, and was only shown at the festival “Kinotavr».

finally, a bit about the two nominations that “Nick” is fundamentally different from the “Golden eagle”. At the opening, the claim Natalia Kudryashov with “pioneering heroes,” Ella Mandzhieva with Kalmyk “The Seagull” and Ivan Kolesnikov, who played the title role in “The End of a Beautiful Era”, which Govorukhin set based on works Dovlatov.

The ceremony awards will be held on April 1 at the theater “Russian song».


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