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The series “Batalon” is different from the same movie? – Arguments and Facts

9 and 10 March on Channel show a four-television version of the film “Batalon” director Dmitry Meshieva ( «The man at the window,” “American”). This mini-series will be fun to watch, even those who have already seen the full-length film. Indeed, in the television version of “Battalion” included many scenes that were not included in the film. The show starts at 21:35.

The plot of the TV version

The events unfold against the backdrop of a split of the country on the “red” and “white” in the spring of 1917. The February revolution changes the life of a whole people, the country and the course of the Great War as a whole. Emperor abdicates, there is a bloody war. The soldiers do not understand why and for what ideals they want to go voluntarily to the bullets. The command of the army, having no other levers of influence, proposes to convene the first women in the women’s battalion. Order of the interim government under strict, but strict command of Mary Bochkarev ( Mary Aronov a), begin to form a revolutionary company. The main objective of the Women’s Battalion -. To boost morale and to arouse patriotism in men who refused to fight

What is told in each series of the film

1-Series?. Spring 1917. He arrived from the front operator reports to the Main Staff of the catastrophic state of affairs. In the trenches during the entire conduct their propaganda the Bolsheviks, calling for peace with the enemy. The army is on the verge of the final decomposition. By order of the Provisional Government to raise the morale of women created “death battalion” under the command of the St. George Cross Mary Bochkarev …

The 2nd series. For girls begin heavy routine: daily training, grueling forced marches. The physical challenges are added moral. The battalion is brewing conflict. Many are unhappy with rigid educational methods Bochkarev. In late June, two hundred women, who passed all the tests and examination, taking the military oath and received epaulets, go to the front …

3 Series. Once in the army, women are faced with the reality front, when enemies are not only the Germans, but their soldiers. A week later the battalion enters the fray. The first battle with the enemy. The first loss. But the girls behaved heroically in the front line. His service, they set an example of bravery, courage, calmness, causing fury male soldiers who do not want to fight …

4 series. Conflicts between the battalion and Bochkareva male units grow. Several times women are raised in the company counter. New battles and new victories. Do Bochkareva battalion be able to complete the task by the Provisional Government – lift the spirits of soldiers and lead the whole army

Stills from “Batalon” Photo: A scene from the movie


  • Mary Aronov (Maria Bochkareva, commander of the “death squads” ),

  • Maria Kozhevnikova (Countess Tatishcheva),

  • Irina Rakhmanov (Froska),

  • Marat Basharov (Chairman of the Provisional Government of Alexander Kerensky),

  • Alena Kuchkova (Nina)

  • Nikolai Auziņa (Alexander Seleznev, the lieutenant),

  • Valeria Shkirando (Vera Neklyudova),

  • Anna Kuznetsova (maid Tatisheva),

  • Eugene Dyatlov (Tseplyaev, Staff Officer).


Script – Ilya Avramenko

The director-producer of the project -. Dmitry Meskhiev

The author. ideas and general producer of the tape has become Igor Ugolnikov , then became the second producer of Fyodor Bondarchuk.


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