Thursday, March 10, 2016

In Moscow, opened to view the restored masterpiece Vucetic – REGNUM

Moscow, March 10, 2016, 16:11 – REGNUM In the main pavilion VDNH Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has opened after restoration high relief Eugene Vucetic «the standard-bearer of the world, the Soviet people – the glory”, according to the portal of the Department of culture.

A unique work of art was considered lost for 40 years, until he accidentally discovered 2 years ago. “It was packed with plywood, then along the walls have been established trade pavilions, stalls, and the high relief was considered lost forever. A remarkable monument of art has been renovated during the year. Today it opens for mass inspection and visit, “- said Sobyanin

The high relief” standard-bearer of the world, the Soviet people -.! Glory “three years have created eight sculptors headed by People’s Artist of the USSR Yevgeny Vuchetich. The appearance of the monument was timed to the opening of the post-war ENEA in 1954. Then the high relief located in Hall №1 «Central», in room number 9 “of the USSR in the struggle for world peace.”

It is stated that this is one of the best works Vucetic, which fully revealed his talent as a sculptor and painter. So, the work is a solemn procession of the “Soviet people”:. People of different nationalities, professions and ages on the background of the iconic buildings of the socialist era (skyscrapers of Moscow State University, hydroelectric dams and other)

In the 1960s, high relief found not to comply the new requirements of the Soviet aesthetics. The work hidden from the public eye. In the 1990s, after the conversion of the pavilion in the marketplace, it is further stitched sheets of plywood.

In 2014, during repair work in the pavilion high relief found under a false wall. It was damaged – deteriorated plaster figures and the basis of high relief: 4 elements have been lost completely, 8 elements – partially. According to the decision of the Moscow authorities, at the expense of city funds was carried out restoration of the monument.

It should be noted that in the course of restoration and study of historical documents revealed that the prototypes of the characters were real people high relief the era of creating the sculpture. In the foreground, there are about 30 pieces that are similar to well-known Soviet citizens. For example, an elderly person on the left recalls the academician Ivan Pavlov. Smart dressed woman beside him, most likely, the famous actress Alla Tarasova .

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