Thursday, March 10, 2016

The famous high relief Vucetic at ENEA opened after restoration – BBC News

Visitors to the Central Pavilion ENEA can now revisit the famous works of Eugene Vucetic. For decades, a giant high relief was hidden behind a plywood wall, it even considered irretrievably lost. Found sculptural composition, when the room started to release from the shopping stalls.

More than 40 years it has been hidden from the eyes of visitors. And now the famous high relief Vucetic called “standard-bearer of the world, the Soviet people – the glory!” re-opened and is a historic place in the first pavilion of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements. . An entire wall of c image of a thousand people of different nationalities and professions on a background of the iconic buildings of the postwar era

“In this work of art reflected all the twists and turns of our historical development of the second half of the twentieth century”, – stressed the head of the Moscow Department of Culture Alexander Kibovsky .

The restorers did a very complex and laborious work. High relief area of ​​90 square meters was destroyed by a third

“There were no 14 goals, missing almost all the tops of plans, many parts were broken, movable in two places the frame has been completely broken in.” -. Said in an interview “Vesti-Moscow” restorer Inna Pchelova.

Thanks to the staff ENEA sculpt figures again do not have to. Details that have broken away, saved and stored in your local library. Yet the face of one of the hero does not have survived. It was reconstructed from photographs of the 1950s. By the way, for a panel posing real people. Among them – Academician Pavlov, actress Alla Tarasova and Uzbek cotton growers Nazarali Niyazov

“The most difficult part was that the relief has a certain depth, and the depth needed to deliver the forest It is almost impossible I had to do so… contraptions to reach the base “, -. Pchelova continues Inna

The high relief was established in 1954. Made of plaster, bronze tinted. He was one of the most interesting exhibits of the All-Union Exhibition. But in 1967 it was hidden, and in the 1990s, when the pavilion turned into a shopping mall, and did beat plywood.

“There were some small walls, stalls, do some fixing. Self is, no one knew that behind this wall is a great work, and Angle bars from these fasteners pierce the flesh of this work “, – said Alexander Kibovsky

Found job Vucetic, already damaged, only two years ago. – when purified pavilion from the tents

“In the year has been restored a remarkable monument of art I hope that this will be a good character, a good start of a unique scientific restoration of objects of the Soviet Era.” -. said the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin

The Mayor today first saw the renovated high relief. Now the panel is available for all visitors ENEA

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