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EMU did not find violations of the rules of “Eurovision” song in Jamala “1944″ – BBC

Singer Jamal may represent Ukraine in the musical contest “Eurovision-2016″ with the song “1944″. The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has checked the text and song title and did not find in them any political statements. In the Twitter organization announced that “1944″ does not violate the rules of the competition.

Jamal won a trip to Sweden, where he held a competition in 2016, winning the national final, which ended in late February.

Her song “1944″ is dedicated to the deportation of Crimean Tatars, the Soviet authorities in 1944.

The choice of this song has caused outrage in a certain part of Russian politicians. Thus, the first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Information Policy Vadim Dengin expressed the hope that “1944″ will not be admitted to the competition, and the deputy of the St. Petersburg Sachs Vitaly Milon offered to put on “Eurovision” one singer from Russia and Poland with the song of “Volyn massacre” Poles 1943.

Russian representative at “Eurovision-2016″ singer Sergei Lazarev in an interview with “” refused to discuss the repertoire of musicians of the participating countries, providing a solution to the organizers of the fate of the composition contest

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«Every country chooses the song and the artist, and we have no right to criticize it, – said Lazarev. – Only the organizers of the competition may decide not to allow some of the participants in the event will be revealed serious violations of the rules »

EMU does not usually check the countries of the composition for the presence of prohibited content rules.. The Executive Body of the organization draws attention to the song only if there is a scandal around her, and at the international level. So it was, for example, in 2009, when Georgia tried to send to the competition group “Stephane and 3G» with the song «We Do not Wanna Put In»; EMU asked to change the word, but the Georgian organizers in response to quite abandoned the trip to the competition (he was held in Moscow). In 2015, we tested a lyrical composition of Armenian sextet «Face the Shadow». And check “1944″ EMU began after a series of publications in the Western media – for example, Deutsche Welle and The Guardian

The very Jamal (which has a Crimean Tatar roots) shortly after his victory at the national selection announced. that in “1944,” there is no policy. In addition, she said, that may change the text of the song – but not because he is someone does not like it, but because she is dissatisfied with them. However, the time to do this, it is not much – EMU completes the acceptance of applications by the participating countries already March 16


The contest “Eurovision” in. 2016 will be held in Stockholm (Sweden) – the right to perform for their country won one year ago Mons Selmerlёv. He will take the stage this year, but, of course, not to participate, as well as the winner of last year’s competition

Already know the names of most of the participants of the contest.; some countries – among them, by the way, and Sweden – will name their representatives for a few days

Russia will be represented by Sergey Lazarev -. once he became famous as a member (along with Vlad Topalov) pop duo Smash! !, and now more than ten years appears solo or less successfully

His song Lazarev presented March 5 -. in Sweden, he will perform song «You are the only one» .

the video for this song the singer posted on his own channel on YouTube, and in less than a week, she has collected 2.5 million views. “In my opinion, this song has some incredible magnetism and strength – the singer told” “. – The first time I heard it, I was struck by the emotional heat, power and its meaning. Actually, it was this song and influenced what I received as a result of an offer VGTRK management to participate in this year’s “Eurovision».

The first semi-final of “Eurovision-2016″ will be held May 10, the second – on 12 May and the finals will be held on Saturday, May 14

in total, 43 countries will participate in this year’s competition;. 37 of them will defend the right to reach the final, and six pass it without a preliminary selection – a participant from the host country, as well as representatives of the countries of the so-called “Big Five”: Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK

everyone has a chance

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In the semifinals, participants Russia and Ukraine to compete with each other will not. Lazarev perform the sixth in the first selection, and Jamal – the last second. Until the competition is still two months, but now bookmakers consider that the first stage of the two musicians will be.

According to the estimates of brokers bookmaker William Hill, the chances of winning Lazarev now account . 7 to 2, and it can take on the competition runner

the leader of the bookmakers think the representative of Sweden – despite the fact that his name is not yet known. Bets on victory Jamala are accepted at the rate of 20 to 1; it divides the 6-12 th places with musicians from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Germany, Cyprus, Poland and France. The third place is given to Australian Korean origin Demi Him (7 to 1), fourth or fifth – Lett Justs Sirmais and Nina Kraljic from Croatia (16 to 1)

Of course, now. can not with absolute certainty say whether the competition will win the unknown Swedish (or Swedish – national final will be held on March 12)

Bookmakers will refine their bets before the start of the competition (and will be watching closely. rehearsals for the participants and the situation around them). It will be possible to rely solely on the data analysts who appear on the eve of the final, when it will be known all taken off and passed to the decisive round will show all what they can do.


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