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Theft by restoration: the FSB is looking for in the Ministry of Culture – RBC

Deputy culture Minister Gregory Pirumova (right) is suspected of involvement in the embezzlement in the restoration of the Novodevichy Convent Moscow

Photo: Sergey Fadeichev / TASS

Deputy Minister of culture suspected of embezzlement in the restoration of the Novodevichy Convent. The Ministry of Culture and the contractor of the FSB raided. The resignation of the Minister of Culture is not planned to say in the Kremlin

Lefortovo court decides the issue of the arrest of Russian Deputy Minister Gregory Pirumova culture on Wednesday, on Tuesday it was not enough time. Pirumova suspected of embezzlement during the restoration of cultural monuments. On Tuesday, the court seized of one of his alleged accomplices – Director of a major restoration of “Baltstroy” Dmitry Sergeyev; question about the arrest of the control of the company Alexander Kochenova will be decided on Wednesday.

On a criminal case against State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and restoration companies learned in the morning on March 15 brought the case said the FSB.

Novodevichy convent

The arrest of top managers “Baltstroya” associated with the restoration of the Novodevichy convent in Moscow. According to the investigation, together with Sergeev Kochenova organized the conclusion of a contract on behalf of the Ministry of Culture with the organization of JSC “Stroyfasad”. According to the portal of public procurement, the amount for the restoration of several contracts exceeded 130 million rubles. From April to December 2015 the customer has listed company 50 million rubles. for the work carried out, it follows from the case. According to investigators, the payment amount was overstated

According to SPARC, the founders’ Stroyfasada “are Denis Buriakov and Guzel Mustafina -. They, in turn, the number of founders of a few dozen legal entities. In 2014, the majority of restoration of competitions (in particular, for the reconstruction of the hospital on the street. Mayakovsky in St. Petersburg, restore the belfry at Peterhof and the reconstruction of the Maly Theatre in Moscow), the company is constantly engaged on a par with “Baltstroem”, and “Baltstroy” won all the competitions. On the headhunting company’s website “Stroyfasad” referred to as a unit, “Baltstroya».

arrested a top manager “Baltstroya” Dmitry Sergeev, according to SPARK, was listed as one of the co-owners of the company “Strojkomplekt”, which in 2015 received from the state contracts for 567.5 million rubles, in 2014 -. 1.7 billion rubles. Among the company’s customers – the Ministry of Culture, the Federal Security Service, the committee on the state order of St. Petersburg and others. Revenue “Strojkomplekt” in 2014 amounted to more than 7 billion rubles.

Izborsky trail

«Interfax» source in law enforcement bodies referred to other facilities, the restoration of which could interest FSB: Truvor fort, St. Nicholas church, St. Nicholas Cathedral and other historical monuments of the city of Izborsk Pskov region. Spending for the restoration of Izborsk monuments has attracted the attention of law enforcement authorities in May 2013 to the investigation department of particularly important cases of the TFR in the Pskov region opened a criminal case on the fact of abuse of officials, Ministry of Culture of office

According to investigators, in November 2012. by the leaders of the organization, repairs ensemble Izborsk fortress, the design institute, conducting field supervision, as well as officials of the Ministry of Culture, who were engaged in the organization of technical supervision, signed acts of reception of works that do not actually have been met. According to the newspaper “Fontanka.ru” disappeared about 100 million rubles in the process of restoration of monuments Izborsk. Contractor under the contract was the company “Baltstroy»

site inspections of auditors of the Accounting Chamber, held on 11 June 2013, established:. Despite the fact that the resolution on the restoration of Izborsk chambers operated until 20 December 2012, “Baltstroy” exercised “work-related deficiencies for repair and restoration work” a few months later. As stated in the materials of the Accounting Chamber with reference to the outgoing committee member Alexander Golyshev (at that time – the chairman of the Committee on Culture of the Pskov region), continuation of the June “Baltstroya” at the facility due to the deficiencies manifested “after vanishing snow.” Information about the need to bring this company to correct deficiencies (with an explanation of their causes) was sent to the State Committee of the Pskov region for culture (letter dated 30 April 2013 №KT-01-1025), the Ministry of Culture of Russia as a state customer. Act on the detected deficiencies and cost of the work to remove them was not made, wrote the auditors.

What is the “Baltstroy»

The first half of the day on Tuesday, investigators conducted searches in several departments of the Ministry of Culture, as well as commercial structures, which are engaged in the restoration of historical sites under state contracts, told RBC source in the ministry. These companies were related to “Baltstroy”. One of the organizations, which were searched, the source of RBC calls the St. Petersburg holding “Forum”, about the searches it also said “Fontanka.ru».

The representative of the “Forum” told RBC that the searches have begun FSB March 14 and the morning of March 15 investigation team left the company and seized several disks and a part of the server hardware. According to him, the restoration of one of the objects, which are interested in law enforcement officers, engaged in “Baltstroy”, which is included in the “Forum”. But the “Forum” and “Baltstroy” – are two different things, “said the representative, and the” Forum “should not be held responsible for” mistakes “Baltstroem” in the restoration of objects. ” Holding, according to RBC companion, gave investigators all the necessary papers on “Baltstroy».

«Baltstroy” occupied 14th place in the rating of RBC “Most high-growth companies”, drawn up for 2011-2013. It belongs to the St. Petersburg businessman Dmitry Mihalchenko and former general director of “Rosmorport”, Major General retired FSB Nikolay Negodovu. “Baltstroy” received contracts for work in the Grand Kremlin Palace, the Hermitage and the Palace of Facets. According to the program of the Russian Orthodox Church “200 churches” the company builds on the money “Novatek” temples. In addition, actively working with the Ministry of Culture. In 2015 the company received from the Ministry of the contracts for restoration work on the 7.8 billion rubles, in 2014 -. 15.3 billion rubles. Revenue “Baltstroya”, according to SPARC, in 2014 amounted to 20.2 billion rubles.

Forbes Magazine called “Baltstroy” now close to the FSB. In 2000 – s years Mihalchenko led Regional Public FSB Support Fund and the Foreign Intelligence Service

The question of the Minister

in addition Pirumova, oversaw the Ministry of Culture of the property and construction issues, the FSB on Tuesday arrested the director of property management department and the investment policy of the Ministry of Boris Mazo.

According to the former deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Pskov region Lev Shlosberg, he personally wrote several times in the treatment Pskov prosecutor on the fact of abuse “Baltstroem” the estimated cost of the works. “They wanted to restore our drama theater at a price three times higher than the cost of the work in Izborsk. And in the Izborsk work was carried out with huge violations, several times I wrote about it to law enforcement authorities, even once proceedings were initiated on the fact of violations during the restoration of St. Nicholas Church “, – he told RBC Schlossberg. Violations, according to him, began during Perumova predecessor as Deputy Minister of Culture – Constantine Cherepennikova. Schlossberg confident that full responsibility for the current situation is not solely Perumov, but also the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina, because it made it possible to conclude contracts with the right companies at the “non-transparent contracts and public procurement»

The interlocutor RBC close to. management of the Ministry of culture, acknowledges that “the restoration and repair – a tricky business in which corruption is difficult to control.” RBC source in the Ministry of Culture suggested that, if the investigation data in the case of a Deputy Minister Perumova confirmed, Medina will be forced to resign. “The issue of the dismissal of the minister was not considered”, – he told RBC president’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov,

The representative of the Ministry of Culture told RBC that the Minister of Medina all informed and is in contact with the FSB, the Ministry is also conducting its own review on. this case. In recent years the restoration industry, according to the representative, reached under the leadership of Pirumova “significant progress.”


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