Saturday, January 21, 2017

78-year-old Tamara Semina radically changed her image with the help of stylists and younger – for women

recently the guest of the show “Fashion verdict” was the 78-year-old Tamara Semina. To participate in the program, the famous actress asked her colleague, 57-year-old Marina Yakovleva. By the end of the transmission of people’s artist of Russia looked 20 years younger!

Recently the Marina Yakovleva turned to the team of stylists “Fashion sentence”, to help Tamara Semina transformed: “I adore Tamara Petrovna from childhood. I love her game, her role, her beauty. But at some point all the delights it has disappeared — I noticed that she had given up. On transfer she dresses is divine, but in everyday life on her painful to watch”. The artist replied that is always ready to changes.

Evelina Khromchenko, “who knows about fashion and more”, immediately gently said that Semin dressed very fashionable and for the first time, the stylists of the show are going to transform someone who without their help looks great.

Handpicked professionals closet to his liking Tamara, her confused look only one with a skirt, but the actress promised that I would get used to it. At the end of transmission Semin asked the audience not to have a traditional voting and recognized that the sets selected by professional stylists, suited her much more.


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