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The last interview Tikhanovich: “Love wife I was going for three years!” – Komsomolskaya Pravda

the Weekend started with the sad news. The daughter of a famous musician Tikhanovich said on Facebook about the death of his 64-year-old father. They say that Alexander died after a long illness.

KP the” in memory of a remarkable artist publishes the last interview Tikhanovich.


the Famous family-a creative Duo of ex-soloists no less famous ENSEMBLE “Veras” Jadwiga Poplavskaya and Alexander Tikhanovich have long known and loved not only in his native Belarus, but also far beyond its borders. “Robin”, “zavirukha storm-zavirukha”, “I live with my grandmother”, “What good fortune”, “Gypsy woman”… These and other Golden hits artists still hearing no one generation of music lovers, and the new young bands and soloists were happy to take them in your repertoire in new arrangements or make their own cover versions.

When we met with Tikhanovich, the musician and his wife celebrated “ruby wedding” – 40 years of marriage. About the woman he loves and not only Alexander told “KP” in a recent interview.

Sasha, do you remember the story of your acquaintance with the wife?

- Initially we worked in different groups of the Belarusian Philharmonic society.

I played bass guitar in a band, headed by Valentyn Badiarov, a former artist ensemble Piekha. At the same time created a women’s Quartet called “Veras”. And when our group disbanded, saying that we play “alien to nation and society music” (we played something like jazz-rock – “how to” at the time!), a merger of these two groups. So we Jadwiga was “in harness” – though so far only creative. I already knew that it works in “Verasa”, I liked her already, I put it on her eyes and crept to her through her friends: acquainted with everyone and to her quietly so he was stalking.

Soloists vocal-instrumental ensemble “Veras” Yadviga Poplavskaya and Alexander Tikhanovich (right) during a performance. Photo by Oleg Buldakov /ITAR-TASS.

after three years of meetings, I gained her consent to marry me. After the concerts or on tour we gathered a group in the restaurant, sitting next to him. She cautiously treated me, but then I used to. And one day I said, “let’s get married!” But the registry office was an interesting situation. When we are traditionally asked: “do you Agree…” I said, “Yes, of course, agree.” But when the same question was asked of her, All was silent. I was already thinking that I should just get out of there. But then she said Yes, and from the registry office I was the first time in my life was carrying her in his arms.

- And that was 40 years ago… you Know, there is an anecdote: at the time of the anniversary of the wedding guests asked married couples: “Here you are living together for so many years, do you have never had the thought of divorce?” The husband replied, “Divorce – it was not. To kill it.”

- I Have such thoughts do not exist. We are often asked: how are you so everywhere together for 40 years – at work, on the road, in the Studio, at home – it’s very difficult? You know, if two people love, is not difficult. Although there are different situations, but in this case I have my own recipe: when one partner, that is, “boil the kettle”, the second is necessary at this point to remain silent, as the conflict has not received development. Evil always begets evil!

who of you was more often silent and yield to the other?

Not me, sorry. Because Jadwiga is smarter than me. She said nothing more. And inferior more often.

In 1991, Poplavskaya and Tikhanovich received the title of honoured artists of the Republic of Belarus, and in 2005-m – people’s artists of Belarus.Photo: Irina BARYSHEVA

You never asked to speak on the school holidays with your daughter Anastasia?

- No, they know how to do that. The teachers knew us, we’re with some of the teachers studied together at the Conservatory. Then at the Institute of Anastasia graduated with honors from the faculty of arts, works on stage – and she, with us, has engaged in production work. After her first appearance on the stage newspaper wrote: “Finally, nature has a rest for parents!” And then she met a friend of our family Dima and married him, gave birth to our grandson’s Game. They are interested in each other. Despite the age difference, I hope this is the variant when the two found each other and be happy all my life. They were married, and not for the sake of fashion as of late. Dima believer, Nastya a believer. And the fact that they are believers, is very important.

- And how did they meet?

- At home. Dima my friend, a pulmonologist, a very interesting person. So I went into a profession that at the end of the day I entered the Seminary because he believes: it is impossible to treat people without God. We Yadey happy that Nastia found common language with him. He’s older, but… But Vanka.

IN the meantime

Lev Leshchenko – about Alexander Tikhanovich and “Verasa”: We will listen to them “Robins”

- Lev Valerjanovich, sad news from Minsk is no longer with us Alexander Tikhanovich… How do you rate this loss?

- the Death of Sasha, of course, a sad event for all of us… Because it was one of the best duets of our Soviet song space. Well, it was a wonderful duet (details)


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