Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bi-bi-si has acknowledged the leak of the episode of “Sherlock” unintentional – View

the British TV channel bi-Bi-si has acknowledged the leak final third episode of the fourth season of the popular series “Sherlock” in the Network unintentionally, said the representative of the First channel according to the results of the investigation.

According to him, one of the employees of the First channel, “without malice, violated the strict security protocols, allowing gross negligence in the performance of official duties.” The result of the mistake a file with the series of “Sherlock” hit the net, reports TASS.

the Channel reported that after the incident had completely changed the security protocols to avoid the recurrence of similar.

Representative of the First channel apologized Hartswood Films, BBC Worldwide and fans of “Sherlock” all over the world who have suffered as a result of the leak.

BBC Worldwide in turn welcomed the decision of the First channel to tighten security procedures to avoid such risks in the future.

the British broadcasting company said that it intends to continue to cooperate with the First channel. There also expressed gratitude to the Russian channel for an investigation promptly. “We believe this topic is closed,” added the company.

BBC Worldwide also thanked the fans of “Sherlock” who came together and helped to minimize the consequences of leak of the episode.

Recall the episode of “Last thing” officially revealed in the night of Monday on “the First channel”. However, on Saturday it appeared in Russian translation in the Network. It was reported that the rating of this series was a record low in the history of the series, it was watched by 5.9 million people.

according to the newspaper VIEW, the investigation of the leak, episode of “Sherlock” was considered a version of hacking attack.


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