Saturday, January 14, 2017

In St. Petersburg police arrested an actress who allegedly wanted to commit suicide – tvnz

Moscow “Театр.doc” famous for its experimental performances. But they are interested in police, it happened the first time.

Saturday afternoon St. Petersburg the capital’s guests played the play “Implicit impact”. In the process, the audience and the actors walk down the street and stop in different points of coincidence of the route, where is the next scene.

this time got in the way Gostiny Dvor. Actress Lyudmila Kornienko climbed to the second floor gallery and balcony began to read the poems of Romanian poet of the early twentieth century Tristan Tzara.

But standing too close to the edge, and the police thought that she was going to fold down.

Actors sometimes play on top, but choose a safe place. Photo: “Театр.doc”

it happened on the corner of Nevsky prospect and Dumskaya street, where an unwitting spectators of the scene were police.

Fearing that the woman really was going to commit suicide, and even right in front of them, they talked her down and arrested, to find out why. And clarified – 28 Department of police, where took Lyudmila and performance Director Vsevolod Lisovsky.Meanwhile, the rest of the actors continued to play as if nothing had happened. And in less than an hour returned and detained.

the guards now know that Lyudmila Kornienko is a good actress. Photo: Facebook page of the actress Lyudmila Kornienko

- the police we explained that this is just such a play: we read excerpts from different works in different parts of the city, – told “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Vsevolod Lisovsky. – The police were very nice, behave properly, and even then drove to where we would have.

the Director explained that in the verses which read, Lyudmila, was not a word about suicide, just an actress, being on the second floor, beat “offer status” and pretended to jump.

In the theatre’s many experiments. Photo: “Театр.doc”

Is the success that MS has played convincingly and the police believed her jokes Lisowski. – Do we always choose the safe point, with free access. We are not extreme, and this is not parkour! Ludmila stood on the floor and held tight to the railing. The performance itself involves unusual situations, random people also react differently. So we are ready for anything. But such as detention, of course, has never happened before. The day before we played, too, on the balcony Seating of the court, but on the other hand, nobody was scared.

Later Lyudmila Kornienko commented:

“still, the police entered our lawyers astray, and no game suicide was not. And it was just a vivid reading of the poems”.


the Premiere of the experimental setting was held in June 2016. The actors and the audience are collected in the target point and go around the city aimlessly. The artists at the ready texts of Plato, Kant Hegel, Platonov, Tristan Tzara and other authors. And the audience handing out the tokens with numbers, which number will fall, the passage, and play. Tonight the actors is another, already the fourth performance of “invisible influence” in the Northern capital. But Gostiny Dvor they most likely will be spared.


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