Sunday, January 15, 2017

The film Konchalovsky’s “Paradise” was named best film of the past year – The Russian Times

the Guild of film critics and film experts of the Russian Federation notes the picture of Andrei Konchalovsky as the best domestic film of 2016. The film was nominated for the prestigious American award “Oscar”. Organization specialist also assigned to the Director the title of best Director.

Friday, 13 January 2017, was awarded the Guild award “White elephant”. The event took place at the Metropolitan cinema House.

after Receiving the prize, the Andrei Konchalovsky commented on the situation, saying that he could not understand why the “Oscar” causes such violent excitement. The Director added that the Academy award is the biggest in the world, and the role in this case, the marketing that will not hide.

he notes that “White elephant” is for him personally the most expensive prize, because it has appropriated the figure of the “native Russian criticism.” The significance of the awards for the Director is that it confirms the idea, which asked the Director after fifty years of activity in the field of cinema.

the Master says that he is not known as the language of cinema, noting the immensity of his. Konchalovsky said that recognition of ignorance of the language is a big courage and he will try to discover something new in this field.

the Film “Ray” also received the “Silver lion”, tells of the intertwining fates of people in a terrible time of war. The picture will show viewers the three storylines, the first is the fate of Olga, emigrant from Russia aristocratic origin, which becomes the Resistance in France. The following character – collaborationist Jules, and the third, a German Helmut, occupying a senior position of an SS officer.

Natalya pavlenkova was the best actress in the opinion of the Guild of film critics. The prize went to the artist executed for his role in the dramatic film “Zoology” by Ivan Tverdovsky.

the Best actor of the Russian film organization is calling Timothy Tribuntsev, who played in the fantastic film “the Monk and the demon,” directed by Nikolai Dostal.

the nomination for the best film music award goes to the composer Ilya Deaconu, who wrote the soundtrack to the film “the Apprentice”, created by Cyril Serebryannikova.

the Prize for the best work in the field of documentary film critics give Faith Krychev, who made a film about the slain politician Boris Nemtsov. The picture is called “Too free man.” And in the category of best animated film victory goes to the two works is “To love” Igor Kovalyov, and “Cuckoo”, which author is Dean of Velikovsky.

Director Karen Gevorgyan was awarded a prize. Miron Chernenko for his cinematic work, “All our hope”. And as “the best debut” the Guild of the movie critics said the film “Collector”, which is filmed by Andrei Krasovsky. The main role in the first work of the Director takes the keira Knightley.

Founders award “White elephant” in Russia is the Guild of film experts and critics Union of cinematographers of the Russian Federation. The first laureates were awarded in 1998. For two stages the winners are determined. The first round is a selection of favorites in 11 categories with a wide range of film critics and film critics and journalists in the field of cinema. The final second round, the result of secret voting of the Expert Council, announce the list of winners that have shown the most successful achievements during the year.


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