Sunday, January 22, 2017

Madonna explained swear words during a speech on Women’s March – RBC

American singer Madonna explained his words on Women’s March, when she said that “outraged” after the inauguration of US President Donald trump and thought about how to “blow up the White house”.

“I want to clarify some important things,” writes Madonna in a post in Instagram. She noted that it is not a “cruel” man and “doesn’t endorse violence.” “It is important for people to hear my speech in full, not taken out of context,” said the singer.

She explained that her speech began with a call to begin a “revolution of love”, after which she appealed to the women asking them not to despair, but to unite to lead the world for the better.

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“I spoke metaphorically, and shared views on two things — one was hopeful, the second was a sense of anger and resentment, which I personally felt,” writes Madonna.

During his speech at the Women’s March, Madonna said that “the good does not win the election, but will win in the end.” She also sang the song Human Nature by replacing some of the words obscene, including paying them to the President of the United States Donald Trump, CNN notes.

in addition, during the speech, Madonna said that “evil and outraged” by the results of the elections and “to the bad thought a lot about how to blow up the White house”, at the same time noting that “it will not change anything”, so “do not despair”.


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