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“Oscar” has ceased to be “too white” – Komsomolskaya Pravda

for a Long time don’t expect anything from the festival-prize sweepstakes and determine the vote of the majority of the above list, but the nomination on “Oscar” this year can not be discouraged. Summarizing briefly: in the minds of the American chinaestablished political correctness finally ate art.

That’s a good actor Denzel Washington as the Director had filmed a bad play, which desperately busily face, portrayed trashman who struggle for a penny was deprived of almost all human – and just because “Oscar” last year was named by activists #clickable, it removed like in the 1950-ies, the movie “Fences” has received four nominations including for the best film of the year.

a scene from the movie “the Fence”

Moonlight black, Barry Jenkins already with eight nominations, including for best film of the year – a pretty average hack about the challenges of growing up black guy from a poor drug of the district, all of the issues which added sexual ambivalence. I am sure that “Moonlight” will receive main “Oscar” – and because, against the scrap no reception, and because a made thing, admittedly, still not so Lobova as could be done, and academics will inevitably confuse the dexterity with great art.

still from the film “Moonlight”

We are not familiar with the work of Director Theodore Melfi, but his retrogram “Hidden figures” about three real African-American, which tireless fight against racism and sexism has not prevented to become the main brain of the NASA, earned three nominations, including for best film of the year.

a scene from the movie “Hidden figures”

Sorry, of course, he has no nominations it was declared a landmark achievement of American independent movie film “the Birth of a nation” a black actor and Director Nate Parker. Historical and revolutionary thing about the polls a great struggle of black slaves against their polls are terrible white the hosts won in the beginning of last year at the festival Sundance was sold major for a record sum of $ 17 million – with the most serious Oscar prospects. But then Parker is almost like the Trump, he remembered old sex scandal (namely, participation in group rape), and about his apohele suspiciously quickly forgotten.

as for the rest of the “white” categories, too, have something to say. I normally am a musical “La La land” and would like to remind its critics that this is the second in the life of the film 31-year-old and obviously very capable author made on his own original script. But as for me, “”La La land” – a step on the way to the top born Director Damien Chazelle, which seriously need to follow, and not the very top. Nostalgic musical, alas, can not withstand a second viewing and, for all his obvious merits, 14 nominations clearly deserves.

La-La Land – Trailer .

the answer to the question why not among the nominees, let’s say, fed up with all the “white” of the classics Scorsese, Eastwood, Allen, Coen, and there’s someone named Ali maharshal was fairly obvious. But why, once again, to nominate Meryl Streep, fashioned something on the machine in a very bad movie from Stephen Frirza?

We admire the civic position of Hollywood stars in their frantic struggle against the government, but to achieve something they in fact do that – a sad politically correct swamp in which praise and reward are often absolutely not for real achievements and talent, but for very different reasons.

Moonlight (2016) movie Trailer. Dramatic narrative in three parts about the life of African American Chiron: child, teenager and adult men living in Miami in the heyday of the drug trade. Surviving family collapse, conflicts with peers and awareness of their homosexual, maturing Chiron is in a painful search and accept himself.

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“Paradise” flew past “Oscar”

the Film by Andrei Konchalovsky’s “Paradise” was not included in the five nominees for the “Oscar” in the category “Best foreign language film”. Did not help even one hundred percent Oscar the theme (as you know, films about the Holocaust and concentration camps by default, more likely than patterns with less tragic stories). Konchalovsky is comforted by the fact that he is in good company: great movies Paul Verhoeven “She,” and Pedro Almodovar’s “Juliet” put forward by France and Spain, also missed the short-list. (A win in this category, apparently, German film “Toni Erdmann”, which became a sensation last Cannes film festival) (details)

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