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In the OP I see no reason to pass objects “Chersonese” of the Church – RIA Novosti


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MOSCOW, January 23 — RIA Novosti. Reason for transfer of Church 24 objects of the Museum-reserve “Chersonese Taurian” no, since we are talking about the monuments, not intended for religious purposes, according to the Chairman of the Commission of Public chamber of the Russian Federation on harmonization of interfaith relations, Iosif Diskin.

As reported earlier, the rector of St. Vladimir Cathedral on the territory of the reserve Sergei Haluta, Simferopol and Crimean diocese is preparing a second request in the Federal property management Agency on the transfer for gratuitous use 24 objects of the Museum-reserve “Chersonese Tavricheskiy”, which previously belonged to the Vladimir monastery. The diocese has already sent the request for the transfer to the gratuitous use of “Chersonese” in the Federal property management Agency in 2016, but the Agency rejected it in connection with the provision of an incomplete list of documents.

“Clearly, when the Church asked me to convey the heritage, which is used directly for purposes of religious worship. Then it is clear and reasonable. For example, I can see why please pass St. Isaac’s Cathedral. But here we are talking about the monuments that are directly under the religious needs of the use is hardly possible. So I don’t see grounds for the transfer of the ROC,” said Diskin RIA Novosti.

At the same time, according to the public man if the ROC wants to use these objects for religious purposes, it is possible to conclude appropriate agreements with the authorities of the Ministry of culture. In this case, it will be possible at these sites to carry out religious activities, not passing the objects themselves to Church property.

a Member of the OP also has not excluded that the chamber will be held a discussion after the reaction of the state authorities.

“At a time when public authorities decide to consider, we certainly will discuss it together, by the way, with Vladimir Romanovich by Legoguy who is a member of our Commission… We have things we do, but while this is no simple legal basis”, he added.

the national reserve “Chersonese” — a major Museum and research institution, it consists of ancient settlement, areas of unique agricultural region (“choirs”) and the medieval fortress of Cembalo and Kalamita. In 2013, the Tauric Chersonese and its Chora was inscribed on the list UNESCO cultural heritage.


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