Saturday, January 21, 2017

Pugachev was posted on the social network Instagram your photo without makeup – photos of Samara

the 67-year-old Diva looks great for own age and certainly not shy to show admirers of the creativity of photography, where she is depicted in “home” way without styling and makeup.

Some have even suggested that Alla Borisovna has dipped into Epiphany ice-hole: “Is Alia in the hole dipped?!”

Picture taken on the occasion of baptism. Some time ago we wanted to slightly tweak the shape of the face, however, plastic surgeons are not allowed. Approval honey. employees, due to difficulties with health Pugacheva can’t afford to lie down under the knife, as it can cause irreversible processes in her body. Some fans said that the proposed picture is Alla very similar to my daughter Lisa. Pretty to dress so as to hide the fullness. For example, she can choose a outfit that immediately will look postroynevshaya or so to put on makeup, what would everyone think about plastic surgery. But most importantly, according to Alla, is a close loving man who loves a woman for who she is.


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