Monday, January 16, 2017

Medvedev called the right investment and the creation of new objects of culture – TASS

MOSCOW, January 16. /TASS/. Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev considers proper investment to create new cultural objects. The head of the government arrived at the concert dedicated to the opening of the Concert complex “the Philharmonia-2″.

“this Entire complex was created over two years for renovations, the purchase of new equipment, repairs have been budgeted over a billion rubles. See these investments as absolutely justified, is a contribution to the development of our culture,” Medvedev said.

According to him, “the creativity of our musicians are very highly regarded around the world because we have school.” “It is equally important that our musicians appreciate in his native country, and this was expressed not only applause, but also opportunities to do what you love using the most modern technologies, in decent areas, so the traditions of the Russian symphonic school was someone to pick up and develop,” – said the head of the Cabinet.

Medvedev said the opening of the new Concert complex present Philharmonic society, which in the coming days will turn 95 years old. “Since 1940 the Philharmonic did not receive additional space, and its audience has grown significantly,” stated the Prime Minister. Now, according to him, many creative teams will receive a new milking platform of rehearsals and performances with “near perfect acoustics”.

the Prime Minister toured concert complex during the visit, listen to classical music, variations on a theme “twinkle twinkle” and jazz.

In the company of Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky and Director of the Philharmonic Alexei. the Prime Minister inspected the hall, which at that time broadcast a performance by pianist Denis Matsuev, who gives a concert in the “Philharmonie-2″. “Nice room,” he said. He then proceeded in a small concert hall, where musicians were rehearsing. Later Medvedev inspected and a large rehearsal hall, where his skills honed orchestra musicians and choristers.

In the next room for the Russian premiere, performed variations on the Russian folk “Kalinka”, which was marked by applause from the Prime Minister. Jazz musicians also pleased with Medvedev as his new work.

the Director of the Philharmonic told the Prime Minister that those wishing to attend the concerts gets bigger, the tickets are sold out. According to him, the ticket price starts from 300 rubles, so that almost all can afford to attend concerts. Medvedev inspected the posters of concerts that will be held at the Philharmonic in January-February.

the Uniqueness of “Philharmonia-2″, opened after reconstruction in December 2014, that in the rehearsal halls of a total area of over thousand square meters can simultaneously rehearse for about 400 people. Seven rehearsal rooms fully Soundproofed, and the musicians do not interfere with each other. The complex four concert halls: large, small, virtual, as well as room for small children.


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