Monday, January 23, 2017

The Ministry of education approve of the lessons in the history of cinema in schools – Росбалт.RU

Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva supported the proposal of the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky on the teaching of history of Russian cinema at the school.

“I’m in favor of anything that develops the person,” said she, reports TASS. According to Vasilyeva, the story of the movie could be studied in the framework of a school course of history.

She recalled that the experience of teaching history of cinema in schools in our country already. “Earlier, when I read the course of Soviet culture, the course movie read always. Not in full, but all the best movies that were filmed in those decades, about which Soviet schoolchildren knew,” the Minister added.

Earlier Vasilyev said that this year Russian schools will introduce a course of astronomy, but still in pilot mode.

“To the first to seventh grades, and any new items (this year — approx. ed.) is not assumed. As for high school, it was announced the introduction of astronomy. The programme in astronomy are. So I think that a part of the pilot schools as a separate subject, moves this year, and normally, for all, it will be a little later,” she said.


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