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“La La land”, “Moonlight” and “Arrival”: who was nominated for an Oscar this year – TASS

January 24, in new York, the ceremony of announcement of nominees of the American movie awards “Oscar”. “La La land” was again presented in half of the categories and can compete immediately for 13 figurines. Meanwhile, the only Russian film, which was in the short-list award as best foreign film, “Paradise” by Andrei Konchalovsky – has not passed the final. About the movies, which this year will compete for the “Oscar”, see the article TASS.

Best film

In the main nomination “Oscar” is to be expected was “La La land” (La La Land), “Manchester by the sea” (Manchester by the Sea) and “For reasons of conscience” (Hacksaw Ridge). And after last year’s scandal the company they were from three films that are directly associated with African Americans: “Fences” (Fences), “Hidden figures” (Hidden Figures) and “Moonlight” (Moonlight). In addition, for the title of “Best film” will compete “Lev” (Lion) and “at Any price” (Hell or High Water). The controversial film “Birth of a nation” was not among the nominees.

“La La land” has become a byword, earning praise from both critics and winning a record seven nominations for “Golden globe” (previously TASS wrote why the film Damien Chazelle is the best musical of the year). Before the announcement of the nominees, according to forecasts by prestigious bookmakers William Hill, “La La land” was considered the favorite in the race for “Oscar” as the best film. On Tuesday he collected from 13 nominations, including the main. In the category “Best song” was represented by two tracks.

tragic and comic musical “La La land” tells the story of a young actress MIA (played by Emma stone) and jazz pianist Sebastian (Ryan Gosling). Romantic idyll collapses after it comes to success, MIA and Sebastian are faced with a choice: relationship or career.

two More films to be presented in the nomination “Best film” and “La La Land” on the number of possible awards (8) – “Manchester by the sea” and “Moonlight”. The first picture is about a lazy and irresponsible plumbing Whether, after the sudden death of his brother appointed guardian of his nephew-the teenager. Returning to his native town, the main character is forced to deal with his tragic past, which alienated him from his family.

“Moonlight” – it is told in three parts drama about the life of African-American Chiron: child, teenager and adult men. It grows in Miami in the heyday of drug trafficking, and experiencing the collapse of family and conflict with peers, grows up and is in the search itself. On “the Gold globe” the film was considered one of the favorites, but could get only one statue out of six.

Tape a “Fence” directed by Denzel Washington tells the story of racism in the United States in the 1950-ies. The main role of the former baseball player of African-American origin, is now collecting trash from the streets of Pittsburgh and trying by all means to provide for his family – playing in Washington. The film is based on eponymous play by August Wilson, which received the Pulitzer prize.

“Hidden figures” – drama film about three incredible black women that performed complex calculations for the most important scientific operations in the United States. The tape is based on the same documentary book Margo Lee Shetterly and talks about real events in 1969, when a project mercury and the flight of “Apollo 11″ on the moon.

the Film, “the lion” tells the story of how a lost five-year-old boy from Calcutta named Sarah tries to find her parents. After 20 years of living in a family of Australians who took him in and took from the orphanage, he decides to return to his mother. The script was developed by Luke Davies based on the autobiography of Sarah Brierley “Long road home”.

“at Any price” – the story of how two brothers-loser, one of whom spent time in prison for the murder of his father, committing a series of Bank robberies in order to cover the debts for the house and land of the dead mother, where oil was found. Sheriff Marcus takes on the case, the investigation of which would crown his career.

Top actors

In the category “Best actor” presented by Casey Affleck (“Manchester by the sea”), Denzel Washington (“Fences”), Ryan Gosling (“La La land”), Viggo Mortensen (“Captain fantastic” Captain Fantastic) and Andrew Garfield (“For reasons of conscience”). The statuette, according to bookmakers, should be Casey Affleck. In 2008 he was nominated for an Oscar for her supporting role in the film “How cowardly Robert Ford killed Jesse James” (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford).

For the title of “Best actress” will fight Meryl Streep (“Florence foster Jenkins”, Florence Foster Jenkins), Isabelle Huppert (She, Elle), Ruth Negga (“Living”, Loving), Emma stone (“La La land”), Amy Adams (“Arrival”) and Natalie Portman (“Jackie”, Jackie). Bookmakers distinguish three possible winners in this category. The most likely winner of “Oscar” is Emma stone, who’s already won a Golden globe for “La La land”. Slightly smaller are the chances of Natalie Portman, who played first lady Jacqueline Kennedy in the drama “Jackie”, and the French Isabelle Huppert” for her role in the Thriller “She”.

the Best actor of the second plan could be Jeff bridges (“at Any price”), Maharshal Ali (Moonlight Moonlight), Dev Patel (“lion”, Lion), Lucas hedges (“Manchester by the sea”, Manchester by the Sea), Michael Shannon (“Under cover of darkness”, Nocturnal Animals). Last on this list came as a surprise as bookmakers predicted the semi-finals to his colleague in the film – Aaron Taylor-Johnson. The leader in the category, according to the factors considered were Maharshal Ali, who played a grown man in the film “Moonlight”.

In the category “Best supporting actress” will fight Nicole Kidman (“lion”), viola Davis (“Fences”), Naomi Harris (“Moonlight”), Octavia Spencer (“Hidden figures”) and Michelle Williams (“Manchester by the sea”). In the calculations of bookmakers is an unquestioned leader viola Davis. The actress has already been twice nominated for “Oscar” for the film “the Servant” (“Best actress”) and “Doubt” (“Best female role of the second plan”).

the Best Director and writer

“Oscar” as the best Director can give Denis Villeneuve (“Arrival”), Mel Gibson (“For reasons of conscience”), Damien Chazelle (“La La land”), Kenneth Lonergan (“Manchester by the sea”) and Barry Jenkins (“Moonlight”). But the bookies almost unanimously believe that the winner in this category will be the Damien of Sazell. He might get a statuette for best original screenplay. For “Oscar” in this category with him argue Taylor Sheridan (“at Any price”), yorgos of lanthimos and Efthimis Filippou (“Lobster”), Kenneth Lonergan (“Manchester by the sea”) and Mike mills (“woman of the XX century”, 20th Century Women).

In the category “Best adapted screenplay” presents August Wilson (“Fences”), Eric Heisserer (“Arrival”), Barry Jenkins (“Moonlight”), Luke Davis (“lion”), Allison Schroeder and Ted Melfi (“Hidden figures”).

Best animated film

Among the possible winners in the nomination “Best animated film”: “Zeropolis” (Zootopia), “Kubo. The legend of the samurai” (Kubo and the Two Strings), “Moana” (Moana), “the Life of the tavern” (My Life as a Zucchini), “Zveroboi” (Sing) and “Red turtle” (The Red Turtle). The most likely winner of the “Oscar” oddsmakers “Zeropolis,” which has already received a Golden globe. It is noteworthy that at the second prestigious American prize ribbon American Studio Walt Disney competed with the same work.

“Zeropolis” is a story about city in which live a variety of animals: they communicate with each other, go to work and raise families. New custody order – Zycie Judy. – it is necessary to investigate the case of disappearance of animals. Partner. forced to become a sly Fox, conman Nick Wilde. Together they have to solve a complicated case which will determine the fate of all the inhabitants of Zeropolis.

Best foreign film

In a nomination “the Best foreign language film” hit Australian painting “Tanna” (Takamatsu), awarded with several prizes at the Venice film festival this year, the Danish “My land” (Land of Mine), the German “Toni Erdmann” (Toni Erdmann), Iran’s “Salesman” (The Salesman) Asghar Farhadi and the Swedish “Second life Uwe” (A Man Called Ove). “Toni Erdmann” and “the Salesman” this year was nominated for a Golden globe, but in the end gave the film “She”.

Tape of Andrei Konchalovsky’s “Paradise” in the list of nominees was not included. In an interview with TASS after the announcement of results the Director, responded: “Well, thank God.” Then, he said that “Oscar” is overrated.

In the movie “Ray” intertwined fate of the three Russian emigrant Olga, aristocrat, member of the French Resistance, a French collaborator of Jules and German Helmut, a high-ranking SS officer. The main role performed wife Konchalovsky and actress Julia Vysotskaya, actors Christian Klauss, Philip dyken, Peter Kurt, Viktor Sukhorukov and others.

the 89-th award ceremony “Oscar” will be held on 26 February at the Dolby theater in Los Angeles. To broadcast the awards will be broadcaster ABC. The ceremony will see spectators more than 225 countries, including Russia.


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