Sunday, January 22, 2017

Madonna live swore at trump Days.Ru

During a speech at a mass protest in Washington Madonna double-Mat cursed U.S. President Donald trump. It enraged the singer was broadcast live by CNN.

“it took this terrifying moment of darkness to Wake up United States,” said Madonna, who came to the “March of women”, adding obscene expression. Similar turnover pop star “sent” the tramp, noting that pondered to blow up the White house.

After these words, the TV channel decided to interrupt the stream, and the leading apologized to the audience for the expression of the singer. “It’s Madonna, we didn’t know what she was going to say,” tried to justify the host.

after a few minutes the stream has been restored. In the course of the future performance of Madonna sang her song Express Yourself, which has changed the text on the curses to the President of the trump, and called for a “revolution of love”.

a rally against the head of the White house gathered nearly half a million man. On “March” in addition to Madonna, the singer Alicia keys, directed by Michael Moore, actress Scarlett Johansson and other Hollywood stars.

However, not all American artists are supporting the campaign against the new President of the United States. So the election trump the head of the White house led to scandal in one of the star families. Actor Stephen Baldwin called his elder brother Alec to stop a parody of Donald trump.

According to the actor, it was “fun”, but to tease the new President is no longer worth it. As a supporter of trump, Stephen Baldwin said that people are “quietly voted” for a Republican because believe in him, so it’s time to give him the opportunity to unite the country.


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