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Leak of the year: which safe keep the series “Sherlock” to air – Komsomolskaya Pravda

on 14 January in the Internet appeared the last episode of the fourth season of the British “Sherlock”. Those who have looked. Those who want to see the episode on TV, nothing is lost — the show is not canceled (the First channel, 0.01).

what is the problem? And the fact that the discharge occurred the day before the premiere. With Russian translation and subtitles: thinking out loud, text messages overhead and rich infographics. That is, in the form which will be aired on the First channel. Of course, after that, the audience of “Sherlock” will not decrease critically. First, active Internet users, who know how to use torrent trackers and the adherents of the “box” — not always the same people. Second, watch the series on the big screen, not the square plate, you’ll even “stole” an episode in the Internet. In another case. Such an incident can be a serious breach of contract with the copyright owner — BBC. How did it happen, does the file series is stored on a flash drive, which is on the shelf in the Ostankino and take it home can anyone?


the Creator of “Sherlock”, the BBC is a British company, concluded a contract with the channel. Which defines a number of special conditions — restrictions. They had to ensure the safety of copyright. After all, according to the plan the premiere of each episode of “Sherlock” takes place a minute after the start of the live England.

14 January, the Network appeared the last episode of the fourth season of the British “Sherlock”Photo: from the film

4 conditions of secrecy translated version of “Sherlock”

1. Dubbing is blind

it is Known that in the TV series “Game of thrones” many actors are not privy to the subtleties of the script. The interchange and fluctuations storylines taking bets: for example, you can earn if you guess who in the final series of season 7 will rule the Seven Kingdoms. In “Sherlock” also has access levels. Thus, the Russian dubbing actors are working on a project blind. Literally. If other movies are voiced in the course of watching an actor locked in the Studio, puts on his headphones and sets the text on the lectern and voiced, looking at the translated version of the movie (a bass voice of Sherlock belongs to actor Alexander Golovchansky). It is important to see the emotions of the actors, their movement and to understand what is happening with the character.

“Sherlock” is a prohibition. Those who give voice to not show the movie. They charge extra replicas, which are then glued on the installation. Thus excluded spoilers through a third party.

by the Way, it had been different. In 2010, sent the series in English, which was translated and voiced “the picture.” But then there was the parallel the show premiere in the Britain and Russia shared a few days, then a day, then half an hour, and now — the moment.

dubbing gets a special version of the series without a title, subtitle, and text graphics. Then the animators pick up a Russian font and adapt the labels.

2. Photos of poor quality

Distribution of the promotional materials for publications about the series should be sent to the First channel intentionally in bad quality. It’s kind of funny, it is still clear that the picture is. But these are the conditions the card of high quality can only be available after the official broadcast.

Drain happened the day before the premiere. With Russian translation and subtitles

3. Closed trailers

Each premiere series “Sherlock” published once a week. And there is an iron rule: the new series is extracted until the end of the previous one. That is, the BBC sends us links, which can be opened strictly in order. Why? The preparation of one episode is quite a time-consuming process. While the translation of the text, the Director selects a team of actors, planning how much time will be spent on each character, depending on the number of scenes and the complexity of the role. The transfer takes about five days. But laying under articulation at least a week. Team voice really duplicates of “Sherlock”, that is loses again, it’s not voice-over and “lip-synch” (lip sink – “synchronous lips”, facial animation). For the week recorded major and minor roles, and “Gora-Gora” — the phrases, sentences, snippets of conversations in the background. A clever way of unpacking the complicated operation – gives no c hance to make it in advance — thereby minimizes the possibility of discharge. Even if the leakage happens, the same series, but not the whole season at once.

4. Special store

the Most secret part of the terms associated with terms of file storage. Only a few people know where the series “Sherlock”. And it’s not a standard drive, which stores all the products of the First channel, and a special chamber of the aspects with limited input. Take out the file in a stealthy manner is impossible.

So what could happen?

Version 1. The symmetric response to us hackers

In response to the “attack” of Russian hackers who made Donald trump, President United States, American experts framed the First channel before BBC. Why not? Two birds one stroke: and the spectators annoy, and translator under the claim failed.

Version 2. System failure

to Merge a file from the office Ostankino would not be the crazy one. In this case, the offender would have got through pair hours. The system on the server which is encrypted series of “Sherlock”, I can enter only limited number of persons. Each such input is identified to come under a false name is impossible. Maybe the leak occurred at the stage of delivery, transfer, or save the file. Otherwise we’d know the cause of the failure.

Might occur in a haphazard and uncontrolled equipment has malfunctioned, the human factor, in the end, the file flew in open access.

Version 3. A clever move in the style of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock is already falling off the roof, and was about to die, and killed Moriarty, and was strangled. But in reality, as proved by the writers of the series, not how it actually is. Usually a detective is chosen from each of the traps brilliantly and wittily — and in the end we realize that all the problems were part of a brilliant plan.

What if this move is too?

the Most devoted fans of “Sherlock”, grow deduction is not worse than the Holmes assume that the network has got only one version of the final episode. And there are actually two or even three alternate endings of the series. Let’s see… the First channel does not comment on the event. Obviously, an internal investigation is conducted.


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