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The first channel found the culprit in the leak last episode of the series “Sherlock” season 4 –

10:07, 20 January 2017

the Investigation regarding the leaks in the Network of the final series of “Last thing” super popular TV show “Sherlock” is completed. Representatives of the First channel gave the official explanation for fans of the series and its partners of BBC Worldwide, a “Sherlock”, how did such an unpleasant fact. It turned out that a hacker attack, as was originally intended, was not. Blame — an unfortunate omission on the part of one of the employees of the First channel.

the statement of the First channel, in particular, reads: “We regret to inform that one of our employees, not with malice, violated the strict security protocols, allowing gross negligence in the performance of official duties. As a result, the file got into the network.” In addition, the First channel has assured his colleagues from BBC Worldwide, that after the truth came out, changed the security protocols to avoid future such cases.

Recall, the final episode of the fourth season of “Sherlock” titled “the Last affair” was aired the First channel in the night from 15 to 16 January — a minute later than on the BBC in Britain. But the day before the official premiere of the third series she has appeared in open access on the Internet. The British side responded promptly to the problem. The creators of “Sherlock” appealed to the Russian audience, urging the audience to wait for the official broadcast on the First channel and not spoil. “We know that the third series was illegally uploaded to the Internet. If you see her, please do not distribute”, — an announcement appeared on the official page of the series on Twitter. For publication was put the hashtag #KeepMeSpoilerFree (“Spare me the spoilers”).

Promo for the fourth season of “Sherlock”

As you know, the First channel throughout the history of the series “Sherlock” shows that it is parallel with the British channel BBC. This year “Sherlock” season 4, started on the first day of 2017. The episode, titled “Six Thatcher” was released on the 1st of January. A second series of “Sherlock is at death” showed on January 8. The final, third series “Last thing” — January 15.

the TV Series “Sherlock” season 4. “The last thing”. Announcement

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