Monday, January 30, 2017

ROC told how to earn income from Isaac – RBC


Alena Rangeela

In the ROC said, how to earn from Isaac the

the Governor of the Alexander Nevsky monastery, Bishop Nazariy (Lavrinenko) told about the possible ways to generate income from St. Isaac’s Cathedral after its transfer to the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), writes “the Russian newspaper”.

“In their free worship time, let them come all the tourists. And firms, for money leads them to the Cathedral, the temple may deduct a certain percentage of their revenue. The funds for its restoration were not only collected from the congregation, but also from the tourists”, — quotes the edition of Bishop Nazarii.

the Bishop cited the example of the Alexander Nevsky monastery, which receives a small percentage of the tourist’s organisations. “But the best scenic viewpoint of the city opens from the belfry of Isaac, I would pay. By the way, this practice exists in many famous European cathedrals”, — said the publication of Bishop Nazarii.

Earlier, in an interview with RBC Nikolai Burov noted that in 2016, the Museum earned 800 million rubles.

As previously wrote RBC Petersburg with a request to transfer the St. Isaac Cathedral, Russian Orthodox Church St. Petersburg diocese appealed to the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko in the summer of 2015. Initially, the head of the Smolny, making the transfer impractical, however, on 10 January 2017 changed his position.


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