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The memorable American actor Miguel Ferrer? – Arguments and facts

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on the night of Friday, January 20, in 62-m to year of life from cancer of the larynx died an American actor Miguel Ferrer, known for his numerous roles of the second plan. One of his most famous roles — an FBI agent albert Rosenfeld in the cult serial movie directed by David Lynch “twin Peaks”, the season premiere of which is scheduled for may 21.


Miguel Ferrer born February 7, 1955 in Santa Monica, (California, USA). He was the eldest of five children in a family originating from Puerto Rico, the winner of the prestigious film award “Oscar” actor Jose Ferrer variety singer rosemary Clooney. Ferrer was also a cousin of the famous American movie actor George Clooney.

In his youth wanted to become a musician, but then went in his father’s footsteps and became an actor.

made his film Debut in the early 1980s, his first works were small roles in television series.

Ferrer has played more than hundred roles in films and on television. His most notable work was the film “Harvest”, “Night flight”, “Conflict”, “Traffic”, “Iron man 3″, “Investigation of Jordan”, “NCIS: Los Angeles”, “Desperate Housewives” (Desperate Housewives), “Defender”, “Robocop”, “Hot shots 2″.

At first marriage was married to actress Leilani Sarell, had two children (Lucas Ferrer (born.1993) and Rafael Ferrer (born.1996), the second marriage was married to producer Lori Weintraub.


1984 — Star trek 3: the search for Spock
1984 — Flash
1987 — Robocop
1989 — Deep star 6
1990 — 1991 — twin Peaks / Twin Peaks (TV series)
1990 — the Guardian
1992 — twin Peaks: Through the fire
1992 — live
1992 — the Harvest
1993 — the Killer
1993 — Hot heads! Part two
1993 — Fraud
1993 — Shadowing 2: back in ambush
1994 — Secret agent Royce
1994 — Outdoor check
1994 — Standoff
1994 Jack reed: a search for justice
1995 — the Hunt for justice
1997 — the Shining
1997 — Night flight
1997 — Mr. Magoo
1998 — Mulan
2000 — Traffic
2001 — 2007 — the Investigation, Jordan
2004 — the Manchurian candidate
2005 — Same man
2009 — turn from the Tahoe
2011 — Young Justice League
2012 — Courier
2013 — Iron man 3
2017 — twin Peaks / Twin Peaks (TV series)


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