Tuesday, January 31, 2017

At the draw of Eurovision Klitschko strange to put it in English- Ridus.ru

In Kiev took place grebovka semi-finals of “Eurovision-2017″. Live video can be viewed on the official channel of the contest on YouTube. In front of her on the stage stood the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko, who congratulated the opening speech on behalf of Ukraine. However, he said it, reading a piece of paper, and in General, the performance of the policy in English looks like fun.

the Network it is compared with the famous speech of Vitaly Mutko, after which the media quoted unchanged “mi ACNP Frome may HART John inglish.”

Sometimes it Klitschko in English sounds like a bunch of words. Also, there is quite a thick accent policy. However, his speech sometimes can be disassembled. “Dear guests, I am delighted to welcome you today. Welcome to Kiev”, — began his speech the politician. “Everyone loves music. I’m sure she can unite the world. She is delightful and makes everyone kinder”, — said Klitschko. Also on behalf of the country he thanked the singer Jamal.

Also the indignation of the users was the fact that the Declaration of Russia hall met with silence. Each time when the leader called another member country, the hall welcomed her with applause. But after the announcement that Russia will perform in the first part of the first semi-final, the guests in the hall were silent and did not applaud.

User Sergey PL writes: “In the audience not even clapping Russia! The Ukrainians have shown their true face!!!”.

Another user under the nickname Adelefirst 69 writes: “I think Russia deserves applause. If Eurovision would take place in Russia, there would have applauded Ukraine. Shame.”

Earlier, the mayor of Kiev reported that on 31 January in Kiev there will arrive the mayor of Stockholm, for the presentation “key “Eurovision”. He assured that the preparation for the contest is “normal”.

Yesterday was declared the logo of “Eurovision-2017″ — the Ukrainian beads. The official slogan of the competition is Celebrate Diversity.


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