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Ratings of “Sherlock” – the lowest level since the series – BBC Russian

Caution spoilers – the article talks about some of the storylines of the series “Latest issue”.

Бенедикт Камбербэтч и Мартин ФриманHolder illustration BBC/Hartswood Films
Image caption This season was the fourth for Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, starring in the TV series “Sherlock”

Shown on Sunday evening on channel bi-Bi-si series finale of “Sherlock” was a failure from the point of view of the rating.

It looked about 5.9 million people, far below the new year’s audience of 8.1 million viewers, finally wait for the start of the fourth season.

However, we must take into account that Sunday’s figure could grow because there are people who did not watch the premiere and will probably do it, using the service “video on demand”.

bi-Bi-si stated that it is investigating the leak of the latest series in the Internet shortly before airtime.

the Episode, entitled “Last thing” (Last Problem) in the Russian voice appeared online a few hours before the official release on television in the UK. The first channel, owns the rights to the show in Russia, has said that suspects in the incident of hackers.

On the official page of the series on Twitter, the creators of “Sherlock” has urged viewers not to download or distribute illegal version of the last of the series.

“Full investigation”

the Last episode of the fourth season of “Sherlock” was aired at 21.00 local time on Sunday, but a few hours before the Internet was a loaded version with translation into Russian language.

it has a brief announcement about the next programme, which indicates that the series was intended to show on the First channel of Russian TV, which owns the rights to the demonstration of the series in Russia.

In a statement the press service Bi-bi-si said: “BBC Worldwide takes very seriously the violation of our strict security and we initiated a full investigation of how there was this leak.”

the First channel also reported that is in close contact with Bi-bi-si and trying to find the source of the materials posted on the Internet.

“According to preliminary version, the cause was hacking. Complete information about the incident, the First channel is ready to share with colleagues after the end of the investigation,” reads the statement of the channel.

This was the fourth season for popular TV series based on the stories of sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in modern attire, with great success, played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

Image caption Every episode of the fourth season looked together (live and recorded) about 11 million people

the Main enemy of Sherlock and Moriarty played by Andrew Scott also appears in this series, however, as a participant in the events of five years ago. Before his death it turns out he managed to unite with the secret sister of Sherlock EWS.

Their joint trick helps to lure the detective, Dr. Watson and Sherlock’s brother Mycroft in the trap and force them to guess a series of dangerous puzzles.

Fans of “Sherlock” has noticed that at the end of the last series in the frame for a few seconds, the singer Paul Weller in the way of the Viking. His name later appears in the credits.

Writer Steven Moffat added fuel to the fire of debate about whether “the final problem” ending of the series.

“We don’t plan to finish, but it can also happen. We can finish this series. We could not do this in any of the previous series, as they all ended at some steep cliffhanger, that is, the junction remained open until the continue,” he says.


Critics respond differently the finale of the fourth season.

Michael Hogan wrote in the Daily Telegraph that “if it was the most recent series, which is certainly not the case, as a finale it would have worked.”.

“In Sunday’s episode has all the elements that a modern reincarnation of the old stories became a hit, but there are also what opinions are divided,” writes Hogan, who gave “the Last problem” the highest rating of five points and called it “a race full of thrills”.

However Christopher Stevens of the Daily Mail is not awarded a series of no stars and called it “pathetic, chaotic and very unpleasant confusion”, “shockingly bad” and “nonsense, full of narcissism”.

“If you woke up this morning with a sense of anger over the fact that you have taken away the evening entertainment, I completely agree with you about the feeling of betrayal. “Sherlock” was, to put it simply, the most pointless, long-winded a TV product that I ever had to watch,” wrote Stevens.

the First episode of the fourth season of the series was watched by 1 January more than 11 million people when you consider not only the audience of television, but those who have watched it on demand. It was the biggest audience for the entire festive period in Britain.


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