Friday, January 27, 2017

Victoria Bonya has denied rumors of breakup with Alex Smerfit – for women


recently in the Russian media appeared the news that the 37-year-old Victoria Bonya broke up with her 31-year-old lover Alex Servicom. Fans of the presenter is suspected that the businessman dumped it on the American model. Victoria decided to fight back and commented in your Instagram.

lately, Victoria Bonia does not publish photos with Alex Servicom and, increasingly, traveling alone or with friends. Subscribers microblog Boni suspect that she broke up with the father of her daughter Angelina, a millionaire Alex Servicom. According to rumors, the young man had already started Dating model Taylor Howard.

Apparently, Victoria is tired of conversations like this, so I decided to speak about this in his microblog. She published a selfie from the plane and signed it: “Back home… Lovely fans (or not call) us as a couple with Alex, enough to invent all sorts of stories. We’ve got a surprise for you, which we will report next week. But in the meantime please be patient and do not look for something close! We love you”.

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