Sunday, January 29, 2017

Died French actress Emmanuelle Riva – bigmir)net

the Performer of the title role in the film “Love” died of cancer at the age of 89.

Died a French actress, the performer of the title role in the film of Michael Haneke “Love” Emmanuelle Riva. The actress died of cancer at the age of 89 years. About it reports The Guardian.

In 2013, Riva was the old nominated for an Oscar.

Real name is Paulette Germaine – the actress changed to Emmanuel in the 1950s, when, against the wishes of parents who wanted to grow a seamstress, moved from Lorraine to Paris to study acting. In 1959, the screens out the film “Hiroshima, my love”, where Reeve played a major role.

half a century Later, Austrian Director Michael Haneke adopted the Reeve for the role of a dying music teacher Anne in the drama “Love”, which brought the actress her life’s first nomination for an Oscar. Earlier acting work Frenchwoman brought her the award of the European film Academy and BAFTA for best actress.

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